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Sensual Ideas

Titillate and arouse your senses with these wonderful couple intimacy ideas.


Bring Sexy Fun Back

Sexy fun

Responsibility and mind-blowing sex are like oil and water...they just don't mix. Thing is, sex is an important component to a healthy relationship. So how can a hard working couple bring fun sex back into their relationship?


Your Own Sexy Photo Album

Sexy photo album

There are many of us who are (closeted) exhibitionists. That is the average Jane or Joe gets turned-on while 'exhibiting' themselves in front of a crowd or camera. Why not create your own sexy photo album?


Do Aphrodisiacs Really Work?


Find out why some foods are considered aphrodisiacs and good for healthy sexual function. As well a list of five aphrodisiac foods.


Sexy Love Affair Checklist

Sexy checklist

Sometimes relationships needs a little attention and revitalization. Here are five easy ways for couples to reap huge rewards leaving you both happier and sexually satisfied.


Small Romantic Gestures

Romantic gestures

A touch can say a thousand words. A touching gesture or heartfelt comment only takes seconds and yet can go a long way to keeping a couple close.