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Sexy Love

Show your lover sexy love.


How Do You Show Your Love?

Show love

When we partner up with someone we think that love is all encompassing. However, how a person expresses their love is unique...and sometimes confusing to the receiving partner.


Sexual Monogamy is Not Monotony

Monogamy not monotony

To celebrate sex in a long term relationship here are the top five reasons monogamy is not monotony.


Good Sex Starts With Good Communication.

Sex communication

The better your communication, the better your sex will be. Here are five simple ideas to get the communication started with your mate.


Affectionate Touch

Affectionate touch

Touching is one of the easiest ways to create intimacy outside of the bedroom. It's easy, F-R-E-E, and makes us feel good.


Do You Have Enough Sex?

Sex positions2

How much sex is normal? Do couples have unrealistic expectations about how much sex they should have?


Keep Connected During Big Change

Stay connected

Here's what a couple can do to get their sex life back after a big life change—like having a baby or relocating to a different city.


Create Couple Intimacy

Couple intimacy

A marriage can survive without sex (sorry to say); but a marriage cannot survive without intimacy. Here are tips and tools to show your partner much needed love and support every day. Small gestures will pay big relationship dividends.


Foreplay for Men

Foreplay for men

While dating, you probably hung on his every word while he talked about those things that interested him. It was part of your charm and why he found you so darn attractive. Bringing that when you first met magic back to life can be as simple as taking an interest in him.


Afternoon Delight

Afternoon delight

Is a routine rut weighing your relationship down? There's no better way to breath new life into a stale relationship than an unexpected bit of fun.


Give an Unexpected Gift

Romantic gift

Getting a gift on Valentine's Day is always nice. However, it's the non-holiday days when we receive a gift that can bring those magic, filled with intimacy moments. It takes you back to those nostalgic 'newbie days' when you wrote each other love notes, and little gifts to express your love.


Be at Her Beck and Call for a Day

Her beck and call

There isn’t a gal anywhere who wouldn’t love her guy to treat her like a queen and create a lavish day just for her. By taking care of her it translates to appreciation for all of her hard work.


How Do I Love Thee?

Love letter

How do I love thee...let me count the ways. Here is a no fail romantic gesture any guy can easily do to be a super stud.