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Sexy Ideas

Ideas to spark your sensual and sexy.


Create More Sexual Anticipation

Sexual anticipation

You've probably heard that our brain is our biggest sex organ. Sexual desire--the thoughts you have about sex before, during and after--can have a profound impact on the quality (and perhaps quantity) of your sexual experience.


Kiss Stress Goodbye

Relaxing couple

Too many of us are stressed out to feel sexy or sexual? Zap stress with soothing one-on-one time. With everyone under so much stress these days, it’s important to take a step back and look for ways to make a relaxing space for you and your partner.


Flirt Outside Your Relationship

Flirting couples

Flirting is window shopping for those in a committed relationship. In fact, innocent flirting can add an immense amount of zest to your intimacy and sex life. Here's how to bring flirting into your relationship.


Sexy Scavenger Hunt

Sexy sleuth

Does your relationship need a little sexy pick me up? Try sexy sleuthing.


Talk Dirty to Me

Dirty talk

Talking dirty during sex can be a lot of fun and what most people need to get good at it is practice. So it’s usually the lack of practice that makes people nervous and embarrassed.


Create the Best Morning Ever

Best morning

Want to start your day thinking it's the best morning ever? Here's a few suggestions.


Your Top Ten Couple List

Couple list

Almost every busy couple wishes they could add some romantic zip into their love life. Problem is, it can be difficult to discuss new ideas with our partner. Here's an easy solution.


Seven Ways to Flirt with Your Lover

Flirt ideas

Every person is hard-wired seduce prospective partners with flirtatious gestures and expressions. When you first meet, the flirting meter flies off the charts but this sexy courting ritual wanes with time. Here are seven ideas to bring the flirting back.


Shop Together for Sexy Lingerie

Shopping lingerie

When was the last time you bought a sexy pair of underwear? Whether actually going to a store or doing it online make your sexy lingerie shopping trip that much more fun by having your partner tag along and help you pick something out.


No Strings Attached Massage

No strings massage

Surprise her with a lovely massage. It doesn't have to be an hour-long affair with candles and massage oils; a ten minute hand or foot massage will provide similar results.