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Feel Sexy

Ideas to help you feel sexy.


Why Ladies Should Go Commando

Ladies commando

Here are five good reasons why women should consider skipping the underwear and going commando. Dr. Ruth Westheimer weighs in on the pros and cons of wearing underwear.


Love Your Curvy Body

Curvy body

Listen up ladies: contrary to popular belief most men don’t get excited over zero percent body fat. In fact, most men prefer women to be curvy and voluptuous. The Sex Doctors discuss why too many women are crippled with body issues.


Your Sexy Breasts


Breasts are often at the forefront of sex play and are lovely, beautiful parts of the female body. Here are 15 fun breast facts and also a few studies done on women's breasts.


3 Steps to Loving Your Body

Poor body image

It is one thing to say I want to love my body, and feel comfortable in my skin; it's another thing entirely to actually put that plan into action. Find out how your body image can profoundly affect your will, want and desire for sex.


Getting to Know Your Vulva

Anatomy clitoris

A woman understanding how her vulva works is integral to her enjoying sex. She is body aware and can explain what feels good or what doesn't feel good. Unfortunately many young women still are detached from their vulvas and have trouble talking about them.


Libido Boosting Aphrodisiacs

Aphrodisiac foods.

With modern research some foods and herbs have been identified having an aphrodisiac-type effect. However some of the effects are small but with something like 40 percent of men and women complaining they lack desire and have lost their libido it's worthwhile trying something out.


French Women's Obsession

French lingerie

Have you ever wondered why French women are so sexy and have that 'je ne sais quoi' appeal? Here's why.


What Makes a Guy Sexy?

Men emotions

Guys who learn to be more in touch with their softer-kinder-gentler side and are experiencing the joys of being more open emotionally. Not surprisingly, this is leading to more fulfilling relationships and yes, even better sex.


What Makes You Feel Sexy?

Feel sexy

Sex is more than an activity–it’s an idea. So how does your body know what feels sexy? Plus, find out the difference between sex drive and sexual desire?