About Us

The Business of Sex (BOS) is a full service media, marketing, and PR boutique agency helping adult products to maximize their return on investment. We work with all levels of client budgets: from small start ups, through to large multi-national accounts.

Anyone in this industry will tell you it can be tricky to:
  • get the mainstream to talk about adult products (PR)
  • get people excited about the latest gadget or product (marketing)
  • and get people to buy anything sex related (sales)

CEO and Sexologist, Dr. Trina Read, uses her 25 years of experience to craft exciting stories that appeal to our social age. BOS specializes in helping adult products fast track from idea, to market by understanding what type of message the mainstream prefers to consume.

We help your story stand out from the crowd by developing strong messaging, strategy producing, data driven result that increase customer sign ups and sales. The BOS can also help with business development, as well as coordinating client conferences and trade shows.

Selling Adult Products Has a Different Set of Rules

Observing many adult companies over the years has proven that most spin their wheels, scramble and unnecessarily waste money with marketing and business development. They have to find out by trial and error that selling an adult product to the mainstream public has a different set of rules and cannot be done via traditional mediums.

Dr. Trina Read is a Sexologist who has a corporate background in marketing and PR—giving her a unique perspective on how to communicate with mainstream audiences. She is an expert on how to both find and speak to your mainstream demographic in a way they want to listen.

About Dr. Trina Read

Dr. Trina was always interested in women's sexuality—but in 1986 her home town of Regina, SK was not a mecca for such things. So she did the 'right thing' and received two undergraduate degrees; one was in business.

She spent the next ten years in corporate marketing and PR jobs...until she woke up one day and decided to become a Sexologist. Naturally she assumed after graduating with a Doctorate, she could use her marketing background to create a solid brand, platform and positioning.

Was she in for a shock!

She had to find out the hard way that all the marketing rules completely changed when it came to sexuality. Even so she persevered. In that steep, school-of-hard-knocks learning curve, she booked over a thousand global media interviews, became a best selling author, international award winning speaker, revered blogger, newspaper and magazine columnist. With all her media exposure, it led to adult product companies asking her to be their spokesperson.

She noticed most of the advertising agencies she worked with as a spokesperson used traditional marketing methods to market adult products. She always walked away from the experience thinking, “I could have done so much better with the marketing budget.”

Then opportunity knocked.

When she had her first son, she began to freelance small marketing & PR jobs with start up adult product companies. It turned out she's very good at this. It has evolved to where she has partnered with a broad range of experts, consultants and a full service ad agency who are both sex positive and have the same hands-on approach to managing client accounts.