3 Steps to Loving Your Body

While we can all agree with the idea that one 'should' feel comfortable in their own skin and embrace their vagina and every other part of their body just as it is, the question we always want to ask is how?

It is one thing to say I want to love my body, and feel comfortable in my skin; it's another thing entirely to actually put that plan to execution.

We want you to have the tools in your tool-belt to actually go about making this change and improve your body image. For real-life change to happen, people actually have to have the experience of feeling differently, not just the thought that they should. 'Should' after all is something that mostly makes us feel bad about what is.

Remember, we had only positive feelings towards our body until society taught us that there was something wrong with it. Here are three ways you can practice loving your body. After all, our body image doesn't change when we change our body, our body image changes when we take the time to practice falling in love with it. We hope you and your body enjoy every minute of it.

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Find a part of your body that you usually treat poorly or talk harshly to and take some time to massage it, tease it and stroke it. Start to notice the potential for pleasure located in this previously-hated part. Notice the softness of the skin or flesh in your hands; notice the subtleties of the texture. Feel how the body part receives pleasure and how that pleasure can begin to spread to other parts of your body as well.

There is nothing like a good dose of arousal to help us see things in a better light. Try this exercise: look in the mirror in your regular state and notice what you focus on and what kinds of things you say to yourself. Next, take some time to heighten your arousal through self-pleasuring. Do some Kegels (squeezing the muscles in your vagina like you are stopping yourself from peeing) and give your whole body and pussy some arousing touch.

Once you get to a heightened state of arousal, or in between 2 orgasms, look in the mirror again and bring your aroused gaze to your face, your whole body and make sure you also take a look at your pussy. Notice the lusciousness and fullness of yourself when looked at through aroused eyes. If you start to lose this perspective, go back to arousing yourself and take another look.

Give the parts of your body to which you have been unkind a voice.
 Imagine that they can speak for themselves and can tell you how tired they are of being treated poorly, of being told that they are "too this" or "not enough that". Put your hands on each part of your body that you have been mean to and let them tell you how they'd actually like to be looked at and treated.

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