911: An Erotic Short Story

Claire brushed an unruly wisp of auburn hair from her eyes as she watched the passersby below. Walking singly and in groups, there was a fair amount of foot traffic below the apartment she shared with her husband, Anthony. Some of the babbling and gesticulating pedestrians were heading toward the bars and nightclubs that lined Bourbon Street.

Others were no doubt just sightseeing, enjoying the scenery offered by New Orleans' French Quarter with its lights aglow in the evening, many of them commenting on the pleasant mingled scents from the half dozen restaurants within a stone's throw from where Claire sat.

The view from their second story apartment was like looking out at a painting from another century, a shimmering view of a more cultured age. She sighed as she took a sip of the beer she was drinking, wondering what it must have been like to live in this part of town a century before.

She savored the aromas of the restaurants just as the pedestrians below her did, but she and Anthony had rarely been to any of them. They managed to keep up with the rent, but didn't have enough to spare for expensive meals. Anthony worked hard in his construction job, just as she did in one of the boutiques on Bourbon Street. But neither of them could be called rich, or even really middle class. They had a few nice things, but not many.

The only real extravagance they indulged in was this apartment, their home, because both of them loved the old part of town so much that both had been happily willing to sacrifice other amenities for it. The only other thing they owned that could really be called an extravagance was the antique table at which she now sat. Anthony had somehow managed to save enough money to buy it, without her ever knowing.

Like their other four anniversaries so far, that one had been grand. She took another sip of beer, savoring its coolness. It was a hot June day, the temperature having climbed to ninety degrees. Even now, at eight o'clock she saw, it was still over eighty, and the old fan in the ceiling did its best to bring her relief from the heat.

Again she looked out to watch the passersby below from her vantage point just inside the small balcony their apartment boasted. She could see them wandering by through the balcony's railing, and sometimes one of them would look her way. A few even waved, a greeting that she gladly returned.

I wish Anthony was home, she lamented. His company had gotten a big contract working for the city to do some renovations a few miles away. The job was important enough that they were working two shifts, day and evening. After he'd come home after finding out about the job, they'd discussed it and decided that Anthony should take the evening shift because it paid more. Neither of them were happy about it, because that meant that they wouldn't see each other in the evenings until about nine thirty. But it would mean a big difference in his pay, and it was only supposed to last a month and a half.

But she missed him a lot right now. She figured that part of it was the beer, part of it was that they hadn't been able to spend much time together over the last few weeks, and it was also the time of month that she seemed to get really horny. Like most people who lived in this area of town, Claire was no prude. While she might not be able to do much about what ailed her at the moment, she could certainly do a little something to cool off, and maybe entertain herself a bit, too.

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Waiting until a group of pedestrians went by and making sure at least a couple of them were looking up at her, she suddenly pulled her blouse over her head. She wasn't wearing a bra, having ditched that as soon as she'd gotten home from work, and she sighed as her 36C breasts were released. She giggled as one of the men who was watching her walked straight into a light pole.

His fellows picked him up and, with a number of gestures (some suggestive, others not) and a great deal of laughing they continued on their journey. Deciding that this might prove to be worthy entertainment until Anthony got home, Claire moved her chair to a more advantageous position, right in the frame of the doorway that led onto the balcony.

She'd never participated in the tit-showing festivities during Mardi Gras, but after seeing a few more pedestrians react to her display, she decided this year she just might do it. A couple walked by, and the man happened to glance up at her apartment, seeing her well-lit and quite exposed breasts on display for all the world. He was brought back to reality by a hard slap from the woman on his arm, and the two continued on their journey with a loud argument raging. Another man simply stopped and stared at her, and stayed that way for a long time. He made her distinctly uncomfortable, and she suddenly wished that Anthony were here, and thought that maybe her little game wasn't such a good idea.

But then, in due course, the man moved off slowly down the street, and she was able to relax again. Really enjoying herself now, she decided to up the ante a little. She began to rub her nipples and knead her breasts for the benefit of the watching public. It was quite entertaining, but there was one problem: Claire was becoming absolutely, terminally horny. She cursed Anthony's work, wishing he were here so she could fuck the daylights out of him (and vice versa).

Their sex life was fantastic, and their sexual horizons went a lot farther than most people. Claire and Anthony were on exactly the same sexual wavelength, and had had quite a few interesting encounters since they'd started going together. That just made Claire's need worse: they didn't have any other friends or partners right now that she could invite to ease her needs. She also didn't like to masturbate (although she did on occasion), because she believed that there were lots better ways to satisfy those cravings.

Anthony, for one, was always up to the challenge. She giggled at her own pun. But her humor stopped when she realized how wet she'd gotten herself. Making a snap decision, she got up and moved out of sight of the street below and slipped off her thong. Then she sat back down, making sure to hike up her skirt to her upper thighs. The balcony prevented anyone down below from seeing her lower body, although if any of her neighbors (all of whom had air conditioning) in the apartments across the street bothered to look out, they would see what she was doing quite clearly.

Sitting on the chair with her legs spread, she continued to massage her breasts with one hand, while sliding the other hand between her legs. She sighed as her fingers encountered the moist heat there, and she slowly began to rub her clit with her index finger. It was then that she heard it, a soft metallic click.

Getting up from her chair, suddenly feeling very vulnerable, she donned her blouse. She stood still and listened again, but there was nothing but the quiet laboring of the fan, the subdued chugging of the refrigerator in the kitchen. Then came another sound: a scraping, shuffling noise from the hallway that led to the back room.

Her skin prickling with fear, she slowly made her way down the hall in the dark, paradoxically--and idiotically, she would recall later--afraid to turn on the lights. She reached the end of the hall and looked into the back room, which had really been part of the neighboring apartment many years ago, but had been combined with theirs by some former landlord. The room had a door that led out to a fire escape at the end of the building. This was something of a secret entrance: unless you knew (or at least suspected) it was there, or had seen it while climbing the fire escape, it really wasn't noticeable from the street level.

She saw in the dim light that filtered into the room from the solitary window that looked onto the street that the door handle was turning. Slowly. Furtively. Without waiting another instant, she dashed down the hall to the living room and snatched up the phone.

Punching in 9-1-1, she waited breathlessly as the phone rang. "This is 911," came a clipped female voice. "Do you have an emergency?"

"Someone's trying to break into my apartment," Claire whispered. "I'm home alone.

There's someone at the back door to my apartment, turning the handle." "Is it locked?"

The bottom suddenly fell out of Claire's stomach. Jesus, she thought. She and Anthony never locked that door. She was swept with a wave of numbing fear until she realized that she'd been cleaning in there that afternoon after work, and for some inexplicable reason had decided to lock it. I did lock it, didn't I?

She could clearly recall herself turning the lock and trying the handle.

"Ma'am? Is your door locked?"

"Yes," Claire told her, "yes it is. But what do I do?"

"Just remain calm, ma'am," the voice reassured her, "help is on the way."

Claire waited what seemed like an eternity, but was in fact less than five minutes, before there was a strong knock at her front door.

"Ma'am?" A deep male voice said from outside. "This is the police."

A female voice added, "Did you call 911, ma'am?"

Rushing to the door, Claire hurriedly unlocked and opened it. "Oh, thank God," she told them, holding the door open as they came in. "Someone was trying to get in our back door. "

The officers glanced at one another. "A back door?"

The female officer, who looked like she must be a professional fitness instructor on the side, asked. "Yes, there's a door that opens into an old service hall that leads to the fire escape."

Claire gestured toward the still-dark hallway. The male officer, a very well-built man with broad shoulders and a narrow waist, Claire noticed, moved down the hall, his partner close behind him. The man moved with remarkable grace for someone who was so muscular, keeping a hand on the butt of his service automatic. The woman, however, made no bones about it: she drew her pistol and held it in the ready position, pointed at the ceiling. Turning on the lights as they went, the two officers made their way down the hall into the back room.

There, making sure Claire was well back in the hallway for safety, the man quickly threw open the door while the woman covered him with her pistol. Fortunately, there was no one there. Searching the old hallway using their flashlights, they found nothing.

"Well, whoever it was is gone now," the male officer told his partner after looking down the fire escape, making sure no one was hiding there. It was clear all the way to the street. Returning to the apartment, they closed the door and locked it after satisfying themselves that the lock was sturdy. The door itself was a metal safety door. Old, but certainly sturdy enough to stand up to anything but the most determined assault.

"Thank you," Claire said, goosebumps still on her arms. "Thank you both so much."

"No problem, ma'am," the female officer, whose nametag read Benson, said. "That's what we're here for."

Her partner, whose name was Renner, smiled. "Look, could I offer you two some coffee or something?" Claire led them back toward the heart of the apartment.

"Well," Renner said, "we should probably get back. We're actually off-duty now--your call caught us just as we were heading in--and I'm sure you want to get back to whatever you were doing before all this happened."

While Renner's remark was purely coincidental, it nevertheless set wheels in motion in Claire's mind. She glanced at the clock: there was still a good half hour to forty-five minutes before she expected Anthony to return. If she played her cards right, that would be plenty of time.

"Well, actually," she said, flashing her bedroom eyes very briefly at Officer Renner as she moved toward the kitchen, swaying her hips just enough for him to notice, but not enough to be too blatant, "I was just sitting here alone, wishing I had some company. My husband's gone a lot, and the friends I normally see are out of town."

She reached the counter that separated the kitchen from the dining nook and living room where the two officers stood. Turning around to face them, she leaned back against the counter on her elbows, showcasing her breasts that pressed outward against the thin cotton of her blouse, which lifted up enough to display part of her flat midriff. She looked at Renner again, but added a glance toward Officer Benson, as well.

Slowly, she moved one hand up under her blouse and began to caress her now-erect nipples. "Are you sure I can't offer you something?" Claire said softly into what had become a very, very quiet room. "Anything at all?" She pointedly looked at Renner's crotch, noting with satisfaction that it had begun to bulge with an erection. From the shape of it, she deduced that he must be quite well-endowed, which suited her just fine.

Anthony's cock wasn't huge, but it filled her perfectly. Her periodic need for anything larger were satisfied by some of the toys they used, and by a couple of their occasional partners. Seeing that he was at least interested, she turned her attention to Benson, who stood rigidly still.

She was a beautiful woman, with long dark hair drawn back into a very professional-looking bun. Claire noticed that despite her professional air and obvious physical fitness, she was breathing harder than she should be, and her eyes were riveted on Claire's chest. Deciding that she may as well go for broke, Claire slowly took off her blouse, dropping it to the dining room floor. Then, without missing a beat, she unzipped her skirt and made a short strip-tease out of taking it off. As it settled around her ankles, she stepped forward, completely naked now, toward Renner.

"My coffee may not be that great," she purred, "but I give great blowjobs."

She turned a slow circle for them so they could see all her wares. Renner, who was an attractive man in his mid-thirties, suddenly seemed to relax. Running his eyes appreciatively up and down her body as she stood before him.

"Well," he said finally, "I hate coffee, anyway. But I wouldn't turn down a blowjob."

Claire stepped up to him and kissed him, then let him run his hands over her breasts, then down to her ass. When he moved his hands, which were large and powerful, toward her cunt she gently pushed them aside.

"Not yet, baby." She glanced at his partner. "I've got some other business to attend to first." She stepped back, then nodded toward the bedroom. "Why don't you go in there and make yourself comfortable?"

Renner, smiling as if this was the best thing that had happened to him all year (and, in fact, it was), cast a sly glance at his still-silent partner and then calmly walked toward Claire's bedroom, already unfastening his service belt.

"So," Claire said softly as she stepped closer to Officer Benson, "are you sure there isn't anything I can do for you, officer?"

Benson opened her mouth as if to say something, but no words came out. She hadn't jumped at Claire's offer as Renner had, but she hadn't exactly refused it, either. Moving to within a foot of Officer Benson, Claire stopped, not wanting to press too hard too fast.

"My," she said, extending a hand to gently caress Benson's shoulders, "you must be in terrific shape. I'll bet all your male colleagues would love to fuck you." She ran the tip of her tongue across her upper lip. "I'll bet some of the women would, too. Don't you think so, Officer Benson?"

Claire's hand moved to touch Benson's nametag, then trailed down the officer's shirt, running right across one of her nipples. Claire smiled, feeling the hard nub jutting out from beneath the fabric. Benson clearly wasn't wearing body armor.

"Are there other women with you when you take a shower at work?" Claire stepped closer, her hands now caressing the leather service belt around Benson's waist. She looked Benson in the eye. "Are there?"

"Yes," Benson replied huskily. "Of...course there are. Sometimes. After a workout..."

"Oh, my," Claire purred, moving her hands slowly from the belt up Benson's sides. "They must get all wet watching that hot body of yours in the gym, working up a sweat. Then they have to watch you in the shower, too?" She shook her head theatrically, "Those poor girls."

Then she leaned forward to whisper in Benson's ear, close enough now that their breasts were touching. "I'll bet that while you're rubbing soap over those gorgeous tits of yours, they're thinking of how much they'd like to stick their tongues in your tight little cunt."

Her lips just brushed Benson's ear as she spoke, and with her hands now resting firmly on Benson's sides, gently massaging her, Claire could feel the other woman shaking. "Have you ever watched one of the other women?" She slowly, very slowly, worked her hands up Benson's torso.

"No..." Benson said, too quickly. "Liar," Claire breathed into her ear, drawing herself just a tad closer, pushing her breasts harder against Benson's, feeling the other woman's heat. "You can lie about that to a man, love, but you can't lie about it to a woman, and certainly not to me."

Claire had worked her hands now so that they were just under Benson's breasts. Now she began to lightly rub her thumbs over the lower part of the policewoman's tits.

"Admit it," she demanded, flicking her tongue to just touch Benson's ear. "You've watched those women in the shower, in the gym, wondering what it might be like to have one kiss you, to bite your nipples." She paused as her hands now moved up to cup Benson's breasts fully. "To lick your pussy. Tell me now. Admit it."

"Yes," Benson croaked.

"Yes, what?" Claire prompted, her hands now kneading Benson's breasts, thumbs and forefingers tweaking her nipples as Claire closed the remaining gap between them, pressing her body close against Benson, slowly grinding her hips against the policewoman's. The cold metal and leather of Benson's belt against Claire's belly gave her a delicious chill.

 "Yes, I've...thought about other women...Sometimes..." Benson shuddered as Claire took hold of one of Benson's hands and placed it on her own breasts. "But, I'm not that way. Really, I like men, I'm not a lesb--"

Claire didn't let her finish as she covered Benson's lips with her own. The policewoman resisted for just a moment, then finally gave in to the inevitable.

Claire shivered with pleasure as she felt Benson respond, moving both of her hands to Claire's breasts, cupping them, exploring them, as she began to fully return Claire's kiss.

"Look," Benson breathed, pushing slightly away from Claire, "I, I don't think I can do another woman, I..."

"Hush," Claire cooed, putting a finger on Benson's lips to quiet her. "You don't have to do a thing but enjoy yourself. This one's on me," she kissed Benson softly. "I'll do all the work," she told her, her eyes fixed on Benson's, "you just enjoy the ride. I promise you, you won't regret it."

Still obviously very nervous, Benson nodded her head jerkily. Then Claire took her hand and led her back to the bedroom where Renner had been waiting quietly. Having fully taken up Claire's invitation, Renner was completely naked now, sprawled comfortably on the bed, his uniform folded neatly on one of the chairs.

"Oh, my," Claire exclaimed when she saw his cock.

"Jesus, Renner," Benson said, her eyes wide.

His erect cock, standing at a little over six inches, was of average length. But it seemed like it was as big around as a coke can! Claire immediately felt yet another rush of heat to her pussy as Renner gently stroked his erection. She wondered what it would feel like when he forced it into her.

"We won't be much longer, Officer Renner," Claire told him a bit breathlessly.

"I'm in no hurry," he said, his eyes locked on the two women as Claire began to undress Benson. "Take your time."

Claire felt Benson tense at the sight of her partner, and she turned the policewoman around to face her. "He's not here for you," she said, kissing Benson lightly as her hands worked at he service belt. "If it bothers you, just ignore him and think about what I'm going to be doing for you as soon as I get your uniform off."

Reassured a bit, at least as much as she could be in such a bizarre situation, Benson smiled, then kissed Claire back before helping to undo first her blouse, then her trousers. Claire reached around to undo her bra, finally releasing Benson's firm, perfectly shaped tits. Then, with the policewoman's pants around her ankles now, Claire went to her knees and undid Benson's shoes, pulled off her socks, and pulled her pants the rest of the way off.

And there, right in front of her face, was Benson's pussy, shielded only by a pair of surprisingly feminine black lace panties. Claire would've thought she'd be wearing something more utilitarian, but was glad she was wrong. She leaned forward, pressing her mouth and nose against Benson's panties, breathing in the aroma of her musk as her eyes remained locked on Benson's.

Benson moaned as she felt Claire's warm breath against her pussy. Her legs were trembling, and she bit her lip as Claire hooked her fingers around the waistline of the panties and slowly pulled them down to expose Benson's beautiful well-trimmed pussy. She kissed Benson's nether lips lightly, darting her tongue in just once to touch her clit and take a taste of her very hot, very wet cunt.

"Oh, baby," she murmured as she stood up, shaking slightly herself, "you're delicious."

She kissed Benson, giving her a taste of her own pussy. Benson moaned, running her hands over Claire's body, down to her ass, drawing her closer as their lips locked. Claire rubbed her pussy against Benson's, and was rewarded with Benson pushing back.

"Get on your back on the bed, police girl," Claire told her. Renner slid over, making room for Benson on the king-size bed. Benson lay in the center on her back, and Claire crawled on top of her to suck her nipples.

"Jesus," Benson gasped as Claire nipped her lightly. Then Claire crawled further up Benson's body to hang her breasts over her new lover's face.

"Suck on them, baby," she sighed, and Benson gladly did as she was told. Claire straddled the other woman's stomach and began grinding her soaking pussy against her skin as Benson greedily sucked and teased Claire's nipples. After a few delicious moments, Claire backed herself down toward the foot of the bed.

"Lift your legs up," she told Benson. Guiding the other woman, Claire had Benson raise her legs off the bed and pull her knees toward her breasts, leaving her cunt completely open for Claire's hungry mouth.

"That's it," Claire sighed. "God, you're gorgeous."

She dragged her tongue the length of Benson's pussy, then turned to Renner.

"It's your turn, officer," she said, wiggling her ass suggestively. Claire was on all fours, her face poised over Benson's wet pussy, her ass just at the edge of the bed in a perfect position for Renner to fuck her. Renner, his eyes wide at the sight of the two women, nodded.

Claire shivered with anticipation as she watched Renner move behind her and put his big, powerful hands on her ass. She lowered her mouth to Benson's pussy and, making sure that Benson's eyes were watching her, began to lick the other woman's cunt. Behind her, Renner stood with one hand on Claire's ass and the other holding his monstrous cock. He placed the head at the wet entrance to Claire's pussy and began to ease himself forward. Then, thinking better of it, as soon as the tip of his cock was inside her, he grabbed both of her hips and shoved himself in hard.

Claire grunted in a combination of surprise, pain, and pleasure as Renner's enormous penis rammed itself into her normally tight cunt.

"Oh, God," she gasped as he began to fuck her hard, not bothering to waste any time on preliminaries.

She felt as if a watermelon had been shoved into her cunt, he was so huge. But while each thrust was a bit painful, every single nerve ending in her vagina seemed to be getting individual attention, bringing her an immense sense of pleasure.

She again lowered herself to Benson's pussy, lapping furiously as Renner pounded away, sending her tongue as far as she could in and out of the policewoman's cunt in time with Renner's fucking. It wasn't long before Claire felt Benson's inner thigh muscles trembling, and knew she was on the edge of coming. That's when she suddenly wrapped her lips around Benson's clit and shoved two fingers deep into her cunt, driving them in and out as hard as she could.

"Fuckfuckfuckfuck!" Benson gasped as she came, her back arching as she drove her pussy hard against Claire's mouth, even as Claire was being driven forward against her by the force of Renner's thrusting.

"Claire, you fucking whore." Renner whipped his head around so fast that Claire heard his neck pop. Benson shot up on her elbows, eyes wide as she stared at the man framed in the doorway.

"Welcome home, baby," Claire cooed, licking Benson's juice from her lips. "Come join our little party."

Anthony moved into the room, nodding politely to Renner and Benson. "Evening, officers," he said, having noticed the police uniforms piled on the floor. "Please don't mind me."

Leaning over, he kissed Claire hard on the lips. "You fucking bitch," he said with a smile. "You're supposed to wait for me." Getting a taste of Benson from Claire's lips, he told her, "But you do have incredible taste in friends." Anthony ran his gaze appreciatively over Benson's athletic body before looking her in the eyes. "May I?"

Benson, her mind totally blown by the entire situation, didn't know what else to do but nod. She didn't really even understand what he was asking. Anthony smiled, then lowered his lips between Benson's legs as Claire held Benson's pussy lips open. As she assisted her husband in pleasing Benson, Claire moved back and forth against Renner's partially sagging cock.

"We're not finished yet, Officer Renner." Renner, just shaking his head as he watched his partner being licked now by both the wife and husband, resumed his thrusting. His cock quickly regained its hardness, and he felt himself being squeezed incredibly tight by Claire's cunt.

"Oh...God...dammit..." Claire huffed as an orgasm hit her.

She felt like her cunt was tearing apart as the already stretched muscles tried to contract around Renner's huge cock, but if anything the tension made her orgasm more intense.

"SHIT!" she cried as she came.

Benson, too, had another orgasm, as much from watching Claire coming between her legs as the stimulation she had been getting from Claire and her husband.

That's when Anthony stood up and began undressing. Benson watched him reveal a very handsome, chiseled body. It was the body of a man who worked at a job requiring hard labor, but who didn't waste the effects of that conditioning with a lot of beer or fatty food. He looked like he'd be at home in any gym, pumping iron. And his cock was perfect: maybe seven or eight inches long, an inch and a half around or so, and rock hard.

Without saying a word, Benson, still shaking from her last orgasm, held her legs open wide for Claire's husband. Anthony got on the bed and knelt in front of Benson's ass and raised legs. With his eyes locked on hers, drinking in the curves of her body, he guided his cock into her pussy.

"Oh," Benson sighed as Anthony filled her. Then he positioned her so that her feet were up against his shoulders while knelt on the bed, his bent legs on either side of her ass.

He raised himself up slightly, then began to drive himself deep into Benson's cunt. Benson began to pinch and twist her nipples as Anthony hammered his cock in and out of her.

"Ohhhhhhh, Godddd!" Renner couldn't hold on any longer, and Claire had a third orgasm as his massive cock spasmed. Renner fucked her even faster as his cock spurted cum into her. Lost in a delirium of orgasmic pleasure, she collapsed onto the bed beside Benson, Renner's cock still pumping cum into her.

As Renner's climax subsided, she felt his labored breathing as he lay on top of her, but her attention was riveted on her husband, who was furiously fucking Benson. From Claire's vantage point, she could see her husband's cock, slick with the other woman's juices, shooting in and out of Benson's cunt, his balls smacking against the policewoman's ass with every powerful thrust.

In 'first encounter' situations like this, Anthony tended to be a very aggressive lover; only if the people they were with were invited back for another session were they treated to the real Anthony, who loved foreplay, who loved pleasing a woman--or women--who loved making love. But as she watched his tight ass as he humped Benson, a very, very naughty thought came to her.

"You know, officer," she whispered slyly to Renner, "my husband works with some questionable characters. Maybe one of them slipped him something that might require a full body cavity search to find."

She turned her head enough to see Renner's expression. Satisfied that he was at least up to the possibility of considering the idea, she explained, again in a whisper, "He enjoys a finger up the ass. He never believed that we girls should be the ones who have all the fun."

Claire could see the wheels turning on Renner's face, and then he smiled conspiratorially.

"Well," he whispered back, "there are a lot of crazy characters around this town. I'd better do my duty and check."

He got off of Claire, and she bit her lip in delight as she anticipated Anthony's reaction. She felt Renner's huge cock, flaccid now, slip out of her, only to be replaced by one of the man's big fingers, getting a little lubrication. She wiggled her hips and squeezed it with her vaginal muscles, just for fun, before he slipped it out of her. She watched as Renner innocently took up a position behind Anthony, who was totally focused on fucking Benson.

With astonishing speed, just as Anthony pulled his cock on a back-thrust out of Benson's cunt, one of Renner's hands clamped over Anthony's shoulder while the other shot like a cobra between her husband's ass cheeks.

"What the--" was all Anthony managed to say before Renner had shoved his big index finger almost four inches into Anthony's asshole. Anthony whipped his head around to see Claire smiling devilishly, with one hand pinching her nipples and the other buried in her pussy, and he suddenly smiled back. Renewing his thrusting into Benson, who by now had come at least twice more, she watched as Renner managed to move his finger in and out of her husband's ass in rhythm with the pounding Anthony was giving Benson's cunt.

"I'm coming...I'm..." Claire's gaze fastened on her husband's face, devouring the expression of pleasure so intense that it bordered on pain. His big muscles rippled as he bared his teeth and cried out in a wordless roar, driving his cock as deep as he could into Benson's cunt and holding it there as his body emptied itself into her, Renner's finger still buried to the hilt in his ass.

"Oh, baby," Claire sighed as she came once more, her fingers moving quickly in and out of her over-stretched pussy. "God, you're beautiful."

After a moment, Anthony collapsed on top of Benson, who took his face in her hands and kissed him passionately. She wrapped her quivering legs around his hips, holding him deep inside her. Renner, smiling like the Cheshire Cat, slowly removed his finger from Anthony's ass and retired to the bathroom to clean himself off.

"Jesus H. Christ," Benson breathed, still holding on tight to Anthony but looking at Claire. "I can't believe you two."

"Honey," Claire said, moving over to lay beside her while Benson cradled her husband, "that's not even "foreplay for us with our friends."

She brushed an unruly wisp of hair from Benson's face, smiling at the demolished bun that still half-heartedly attempted to contain her beautiful hair.

"You're both welcome to stay and get better acquainted if you like." She kissed Benson gently, then gave her husband a more passionate, loving kiss.

"Well, I'd love to," Renner said quietly as he returned from the bathroom, "but we've got duty really early tomorrow--we're on rotating shifts--so I for one need to get a little sleep."

He cast an appreciative eye over Claire and felt his cock begin to harden again.

Benson, too, nodded. "Yeah, otherwise sarge'll kill us," she sighed, loving the feeling of Anthony between her legs, relishing the thought of having Claire's tongue buried in her pussy again.

"How about this weekend?" Anthony asked. "Are you guys free then?"

Benson and Renner shared a glance, then a smile crept upon both their faces. "Well, as a matter of fact," Renner said, "I think we are. Aren't we, Officer Benson?"

"Definitely," she said, sliding her legs sensuously along Anthony's body. Then, with a glance toward Claire, she said, "And you never know when you might have to make another emergency call..."

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