An Age Play: Erotic Story

“And then he took her in his arms.”

Every time I wrote those words, I swore I would never write them again. Yet they inexorably flowed from my fingers to the keyboard.

“And then he took her in his arms.”

It was simply part of the romance novel formula: Beautiful, virginal heroine with flowing locks and beseeching eyes falls for the extraordinarily handsome, charismatic – yet enigmatic – hero. Admittedly, it could be tiresome, except that I wrote for the Passion Flower imprint of Thorne Publishing. My characters got to have lots of sex, and I could make it as hot as I wanted, although nothing too shocking or my editor would chastise me later.

I let out a breath.

“Finished?” came my husband’s voice from the next room.

I guess I had sighed pretty loudly. “Yes. The tropical island paradise was more challenging than I thought.”

“Did he fuck her?” Mark leaned his lanky frame against the door jamb, his salt-and-pepper curls in the usual tousled disarray.

“Not yet. Not until they’re married. He pleasured her orally, though. Under a palm.”

“So,” he grinned teasingly. “Do you need to go downstairs?” He held out his hand.

I laughed. My husband knew me too well. I got up and threaded my fingers through his. “Yes,” I smiled.

Like buoyant teens we walked from the office down the stairs to our bedroom.

“And who am I this time? A pirate?” he asked hopefully.

“No, dear, you’re not a pirate.” I casually took off my clothes.

“Why am I never a pirate? I want to be a pirate.” He pulled off his sweatshirt.

“Maybe some day. Today you are an early nineteenth-century naturalist.”

“That sounds a little nerdy for your readers, Jean, dear.”

“He’s hot—”

“Of course.”

“—and he’s on board an exploratory merchant ship to the South Seas. The widower captain of the ship has brought along his nineteen-year-old daughter.”

“Why do they always have to be nineteen?”

“I could make her eighteen.”

“Make her sixteen. Now that’s hot.”

“That’s also kiddy porn according to Thorne. You know I have to be careful about that.”

“Okay,” he conceded. “But since I have to be a nerdy scientist, you have to be sixteen.”

I laughed, surprised he wanted me to play being that old. I licked my lips and drew a finger down the middle of his chest, tangling the soft black and gray strands along the way. “Please be gentle sir,” I said with breathy anticipation, my timbre an octave higher than normal. “I’ve never been with a man before.”

“Of course, my sweet.” He kissed me hungrily as his hand skated gently along my curves.

“What’s your name?” he asked trailing kisses down my neck.

“Lily, sir.”

“Ah, Lily, my innocent flower,” he breathed softly. “I shall help you discover new pleasures.” His fingers wandered over my belly to comb through the thatch of hair between my thighs. “Open your petals for me,” he said mawkishly as he explored my silky flesh.

I was already sticky and swollen.

“You’re as wet as a dewy field.” His voice was deep, seductive.

“I don’t understand, sir.” I inhaled sharply when he began massaging my clit.

“You’ve never touched yourself?”

“No, sir, never,” I said, naiveté tinged with a moan. I spread my legs to allow further invasion.

“You’ve never let one of your maid servants touch you?” His lips grazed my neck. “Caress you like this?”

His thumb was working my clit now, while two fingers slowly thrust inside me, keeping me on edge. I moved my hips against him encouragingly as he took me in a lusciously indulgent kiss.

He lifted my petite body and tossed me onto the bed. Feigning modesty, I scrambled under the sheets, which he promptly tore off. He shoved me back against the mattress and pushed my legs open with his knees, pressing his weight into my shoulders. His fully erect cock bobbed between us in anticipation. He smiled lasciviously.

I looked up at him with chaste yet beseeching eyes.

His fingers delved inside me once again, scooping up my moisture to lubricate his prick.

“You’re still a virgin.”

“Yes, sir,” I whimpered.

He poised himself at the opening of my impatient cunt. “There may be a little pinch,” he said darkly. “Trust me, it will feel wonderful in but a second.”

He slammed into me, mercilessly burying himself to the hilt. I screamed and struggled under him.

“Please, sir! You’re hurting me!” I was in ecstasy, my body pulsating around his demanding prick.

He grabbed my hands and pinned them over my head. “You love it, you little whore.” He pumped in and out, his rhythm growing faster. “You lied. You’ve had men before.”

“No, sir!” My body clenched around him. “Please…stop!” I was almost there.

His weight and strength held me captive against the bed. He was driving into me frantically, willing himself to climax.

“Who were they? Native boys? Or perhaps the ship’s entire crew?”

“Yes!” I climaxed with a howling groan, squeezing him tightly, wanting his pleasure now. I rocked my pelvis to his time, clenching and releasing his pumping cock.

“How old did you say you were, Lily?” he panted.

I locked eyes with him. “I’ve just turned fifteen, sir.”

“Fucking Christ!” He thrust his hips against mine and held himself there, his body spasming as he spent inside me.

With a thud and a moan, he crashed to the mattress. I glanced over at his sweaty smiling face.

“Not bad for a science nerd.”

He chuckled and pulled me to him.

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Copyright © Regina Kammer, 2010

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