Are You in the Rabbit Habit?

The popular 'rabbit' vibes or what is often referred to as 'rotating dual' or 'combination' vibrators. These wonderful toys stimulate both the clitoris and vaginal canal.

They usually have dual action rotating shafts and pearls that cause exciting sensations. They come in a number of shapes and sizes, but most look like a traditional vibrator with a ‘branch’ coming off of it to stimulate the clitoris.

The ‘branch’ is often in the shape of an animal with rabbits being the most common. You insert the vibe until the clitoral stimulator reaches the clitoris. The penetrative portion of the vibe generally contain rotating pearls that stimulate the first third of the vaginal canal (where the majority of nerve endings are).

You may have heard that the majority of sex toys on the market today are made from PVC plastic and contain harmful chemicals called pthalates.

Of all the toys on the market, the 'rabbit' category of vibrators are the ones most likely to contain pthalates.

'Jack Rabbit'


  • Inexpensive (generally about $30)
  • Powerful (uses 3 'C' batteries where most use 4 'AA' batteries)


  • Separate corded battery pack is inconvenient and difficult to use
  • Made of PVC (plastic) that contains pthalates

Overall Rating: 1/5

'Elastomer Rabbit Habit'


  • Superior Japanese electrical components that are long-lasting and powerful
  • Made of elastomer (does not contain pthalates)


  • More expensive than many of the cheaply made rabbit vibrators (generally around $100)
  • Beads in the shaft of the vibe can dislodge over time

Overall Rating: 4.5/5


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Jack Rabbit image source. Elastomer Rabbit Habit image source.


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