Can Men Have Multiple Orgasms?

Question: I keep hearing about men who have these or do they? What is the real scoop here?

Yes they do happen and before I delve into how they happen I will give the definition of a male multiple orgasm as it will give you the basis for understanding as it is very different from the definition of female multiple orgasm mainly because of the physiological differences between how each sex experiences orgasms.

Male multiple orgasm occurs when a man experiences more than one orgasm with the SAME erection.

In other words after an orgasm he does not lose his erection, go through what is referred to technically as the refractory phase, he remains erect AND he has not ejaculated.

In comparison female multiple orgasm is defined more than one orgasm in the same lovemaking session. So why do women get off with a broader scope of definition so to speak, the answer is physiological. Blood and oxygen power orgasms, and for women the increased blood in the pelvis as a result of the sexual stimulation, the vasocongestion of the sexual organs, does not flow out of their sexual organs at the moment of orgasm in the way it does for most men who ejaculate.

Why would on a man want to become multi-orgasmic?
Sexual parlour tricks aside for men who experience them they are longer-lasting which enables a man to prolong lovemaking and when he does allow an ejaculatory orgasm as is described as being much more intense. As David shared, “In two months I went from skeptical to being multipli-orgasmic and the self-confidence it gave me has been incredible.”.

Any practice of withholding of ejaculation, delaying orgasm, conserving chi, AKA life force all get lumped into this same area. What distinguishes them is the philosophy behind them. For Tantric sex the delaying is about the journey of sharing physically and spiritually while blending the energy of partners. In Taoist philosophy practioner Mantak Chia refers to this practice as sexual Kung Fu and is for people who are looking to deepen the experiences of their own sexuality.

Most people assume that a man’s orgasm and ejaculation are one in the same event occurring at the moment of peak sexual excitement. Now I would never dare to say that one’s enjoyment with the two events experienced as one is less than a divine experience, however for men who experiences multiple orgasms they are aware of the separation of these two events.

For most men the ejaculation process is about two seconds and this allows a man to extend that process and the sensations involved.

My personal caveat on any sexual experience is to explore it for you and your partner’s enjoyment not for the performance of it.

What is the key to a man becoming multi-orgasmic?
It is a well-toned Pubococcygeus aka PC muscle and an understanding of his ejaculation process including the timing. Translation, (I borrow this description from Dr. Barbara Keesling who is an expert on male multiple orgasms), he is aware that there are two parts to the ejaculation process, emission (the gun gets loaded) and expulsion (the gun gets fired) and is able to control them with a well-toned PC muscle

For most men, the contraction of the PC muscle during the expulsion phase is an involuntary process. And this is where the PC muscle comes into the equation, once you take control of your PC muscle you can voluntarily delay or prevent ejaculation and a man will still experience the full sensation of orgasm complete with rapid heart rate, muscle contractions, and the intense sensation of release. Some men refer to this as dry orgasms.

Where is his PC muscle?
The Pubococcygeus muscle runs from the front to the back of the pelvic girdle in both sexes and for most people they are aware of it as the muscle you contract to stop the flow of urine. Most men are aware of it when they contract it and an erect penis ‘jumps’. This is the same muscle women exercise with Kegel exercises post pregnancy. And your dog has one too; its PC is doing the work when they wag their tail. Studies that show a direct correlation between orgasmic sensation and a well-toned PC muscle for both sexes.

For men who wish to explore there are two terrific books available, Mantak Chia’s The Multi-Orgasmic Male and Dr. Barbara Keesling’s, How To Make Love All Night. Both of these books have clear step-by-step programs with Chia using line drawn illustrations.

For many committed couples this is a way they can expand their horizons and take their intimacy to the next level as it is like being a sexual beginner all over again and having a whole new world to explore.

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