Can Pills Increase Penis Size?

I'm in my fourth year at the university, but I couldn't keep any relationship with a girl for more than 4 weeks. The last girl I had told me that she loved me, but said my wood is too small for her. So, Is there any advisable pills that I can take to increase the size of my wood? Moreso, the size of my wood makes me feel shy anytime I want to perform. The size is even twice below.

Lots of guys wish they had a bigger penis, but it really isn’t necessary. The average erect penis size is five to seven inches. If you’re a little smaller, it really isn’t a deal breaker. It scares me when I hear about guys feeling they need a huge penis to satisfy their partner.

When it comes to penis-vagina sex, this certainly isn’t the case. In fact, after you learn a little bit more about the sexual anatomy and physiology of girls, you might be glad you’re on the smaller side. There are a couple of girl hot spots that don’t require a big penis for maximum stimulation.

The clitoris is external and likes quick movements like that from a fast moving tongue, finger, or vibrator. A huge penis whacking against the clit is certainly not going to get a girl off. And since most women orgasm through clitoral stimulation, a big one is not necessary. And, just like guys have penises that vary widely in length, so do girl’s vaginal canals.

Did you know that the average vaginal canal is about six inches deep? So if you dream of having a six-and-a-half incher, that half-inch will be wasted on most of the girls you sleep with. And, if your penis was longer than her vaninal canal, you’d hit her cervix. Almost all women find this irritating and painful. That’s probably not the best sensation to give someone you love.

Further, the first two inches of a girl’s vagina is the most sensitive. That’s where all the nerve endings are. The last four inches have barely any nerve endings. Have you ever heard the expression ‘the lights are on, but nobody is home?’

Another womanly hot spot is her G-Spot. This area can be anywhere from the top of the vaginal opening to about 2 inches back. It’s also a little to the left. Once again, you’d only need a two incher to do the trick.

When it comes to oral, a huge one is not ideal either. The bigger the penis the harder it is for someone to perform oral sex on them.

And, if you ever meet a woman who lets you have anal with her, I bet she’ll be ecstatic you have a little guy. Research actually shows that penis size does not affect a partner’s sexual satisfaction. In fact, I know plenty of women who prefer guys your size.

One of my friends (who believe me, has seen penises in all shapes and sizes) had the best sex of her life with a guy much smaller than average. She said he was like the Duracell bunny. He just kept going and going. And for women, that ain’t such a bad thing.

But you will undoubtedly run into a size queen at some point in your life. They might think they look nicer aesthetically or they may prefer the feeling of fullness a big one provides.

There are no lotions, potions, or pills that will add an extra inch or two. These are actually all scams and none of these have ever been scientifically proven to promote growth down there. I highly doubt all your ex-girlfriends prefer larger men.

If girls continuously kick you to the curb you might want to look at your skills as a partner rather than your skills as a lover. Sure sex is important, but most women would prefer to date a nice guy who is mediocre in the sack than someone mean who has all the right moves.

So I hope all this helps you realize there is no ‘perfect’ penis size. Love yourself, penis and all, and don’t be shy about its size. If you do, I bet the girls will be running towards you, not away from you.

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