Can She Masturbate While Pregnant?

Can I masturbate while pregnant. As well, can I orgasm while pregnant?

Orgasm pre-pregnancy or wanting to become pregnant is considered to be beneficial to move the semen into the uterus enroute to the Fallopian tube where fertilization takes place.

When I wrote Hot Mamas I consulted medical experts with obstectrial practices for the often asked question:

"Will an orgasm cause a miscarriage or initate premature labor?" If a woman is pregnant and has had her health professional tell her she has a normal healthy pregnancy with no complications then the amswer is NO.

This is how Dr. Jules Black described to me an orgasm could initate labor. Imagine an apple on a tree. When it is growing and not ripe nothing will cause it to drop from the tree. However once it is ripe and READY to fall then wind or rain can make it fall.

Until the stage of pregnancy when the woman's body is ready for delivery of the baby then an orgasm usually after her due date may start labor.

Also know that the contractions of an orgasm are mainly vaginal/genital in focus with some uterine contractions, and feel very different from delivery contractions.

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