Can Women Orgasm From Breast Stimulation?

Can anyone orgasm from breast/nipple touching? How do you do it? I would like to try it on my girlfriend but I am not sure what works best.

Although cumming from breast stimulation sounds like one heck of a deal, not many women have reported achieving an orgasm simply by having their breasts and nipples stimulated.

For majority of women, breast stimulation can be very arousing and can really turn up the heat when doing the dirty, but rarely does it lead to orgasm.

In addition, it appears as though some women just naturally orgasm from having their nipples stimulated and that climaxing from a nipple tickle cannot be taught.

In other words, it is not really a matter of the techniques used to stimulate the nipples that brings about orgasms, it is more a matter of having extremely sensitive nipples that respond well when played with.

Now, just because climaxing through breast stimulation is not as common as we would all like to believe, it does not mean you should ignore a woman’s breasts.

Try stimulating the breasts in soft, full circles, getting more intense as you go. Also, don’t forget about your mouth, oral stimulation is even better. Try using suction in combination with your teeth and tongue to really get the job done.

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However, please be careful because when it comes to nipple stimulation, there is good touching and bad touching. The nipple is a VERY sensitive part of the body, which means that more aggressive handling (e.g., purple nurples and biting) can actually be quite painful.

As always, its best to communicate with your partner, ask what feels good and what doesn’t.

Who knows, maybe you will get lucky, and by paying a little more attention to her breasts you may actually get your gal to cum.

Excellent video on how women would LOVE her partner handle her breasts. (via AskMen)

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