Casual Sex Is Normal

Casual sex relationships can be complicated.

On the defense for casual sex, here is one issue I have with this negative attitude people have towards casual sex.

The average age of intercourse is 17 in Canada. The average age at marriage is 28 for females and 30 for men (in Canada). So there around 10 years of ‘single’ time for most young adults.

Now, you might be partnered during that time. And hopefully you can get a partner and keep them for the duration of your pre-married years. Or you are a serial monogamist and can jump from one relationship to another with absolutely no lag time (i.e., dry spells) between relationships.

Preventing dry spells is more successful if you are a mate poacher or have been mate poached. But…what happens when you do have an unfortunate dry spell? Or what if you don’t want to be partnered? What if you don’t want a relationship? What if your schedule doesn’t lend itself well to couples’ events and navigating your partnered relationship on Facebook?

Should you accept a life of celibacy other than your own self-pleasuring? Why don’t you get yourself some casual sex? And I don’t mean the totally incapacitated, erectile dysfunction, passing out before sex, barfing in bed, walk of shame type of One Night Stand sex.

What about some regular casual sex? Might I suggest a Booty Call or a Friend with some Benefits? Sure, you’re going to have to negotiate the rules of engagement. Sure, it might be a bit complicated. But so are relationships. And lots of relationships don’t work. But you don’t hear people calling down relationships all day long. (In fact, a lot of people spend a lot of time either trying to get into one or trying to make sure they stay in their current one.)

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