Cheap and Cheesy Sex Night

We all need a good laugh and a little bit of fun in our routine-rut lives. Here's an easy way to add some zip to a regular evening that will bring a smile to your lips for months to come.

Create a 'Cheap and Cheesy' sex night for your partner.

Vamping it up and having a good laugh is always a fun and easy way to romance your guy.

Pull out the stops and make your entire house (or at least the bedroom) into a red light district.

Put red lights bulbs in the lamps, get fringed lamp shades, and spray cheap perfume around the bedroom. Chill some cheap wine and drink it out of plastic cups.

Wear you naughty bedtime attire and have some ready for him to wear as well.

It's a fun memory he won’t soon forget.

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Trina Read
Sexologist, Dr. Trina Read is the founder of The Business Of Sex Speaker Agency. She is a leading relationship and sexual health expert and educator; and is a best selling author, media expert, was a CBC radio Relationship columnist, syndicated blogger, international award winning speaker, newspaper & magazine columnist, and spokeswoman. Follow her on Twitter and Facebook.
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