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We certainly hope that you are showing your partner love every day, not just when the stores and advertisements say you should. We recommend you get started now, instead of waiting until holidays like Valentine's Day on Febuary 14th.  

Here are some tips that can show your partner that love is indeed in the air.

Know your partner’s love language
If you don’t know it or know what we are talking about we recommend the book The Five Love Languages, by Dr. Gary Chapman. Dr. Chapman explains that there are five love languages or ways to show love

  1. Words of affirmation
  2. Gifts
  3. Quality time
  4. Physical touch
  5. Acts of service

Problems can occur when we show our partner love in one language (i.e. buying her flowers) but he/she speaks another love language (i.e. wanting to spend quality time with you instead).

That’s when we end up hearing one partner say things like, “He doesn’t love me at all! He is always working...he must love work more than me!”

And the other partner says, “I DO love you!!  Why do you think I work so much!  I do it all for you!”

Small gestures mean big payoffs
Start secretly showing love for your partner in small ways every single day using their love language.  Have fun trying to think of new ways to express your love.

Remember, expressing love for your partner does not have to cost money

  • Write your partner love notes and hide them (of course, where you know they will find them).
  • Give your partner lots of hugs and kisses when they first wake up, when they get home, and before they go to sleep.  
  • Tell your partner the many reasons why you love them.
  • Write them a love letter or poem. Do one of their chores each day--just because, etc.
  • Plan a surprise pleasure event every week for your partner
  • For example, how about surprising your partner with a bubble bath with rose petals sprinkled on top, candles, soft music, and a glass of wine?  
  • Cook a nice dinner for your partner and serving it to him/her naked or in sexy lingerie?
  • Plan a romantic picnic on the living room floor while listening to your special love songs or reading erotic stories to each other.  
  • How about surprising your partner by trying something new sexually (i.e. a new toy, a new position or a new sexual fantasy character, etc.)?

Remember to be thankful for your partner every day.  And don’t forget to let them know it!

As always, wishing  you more connection and much love!


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Chuck and jo ann bird
Drs. Chuck and Jo-ann Bird
Drs. Chuck and Jo-Ann Bird are both board certified clinical sexologists and relationship experts, counselors/coaches and speakers. Make sure to read their blog, watch their YouTube videos,  follow them on Twitter and Facebook.
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