Dirty Dancing: An Erotic Story

He made Annie feel like her body was alight, like her swaying hips could whip heat into the air. And when their bodies touched, shocks of pleasure sparked between them, hardening her nipples, thrilling her clit.

How could a dance instructor make her feel this way?

“This is the Cha-Cha-Cha,” he’d told her just ten minutes before, and she’d thought What a silly name for a dance! But now she knew the name fitted perfectly, like Yea-Yeah-Yeah or Yes-Yes-Yes—like deep, ecstatic cries.

"You’re so fast to pick this up,” he said, holding her stare.

“It feels natural,” she replied. She pressed her hips closer to his, let their thighs touch, and as she arched towards him, she inhaled his dry cologne, eager to taste it on his skin. Please get the message, she told him silently. Screw me. Please.

She was here, learning to dance, for her new boyfriend Dominic. They were going to a Latino wedding and she wanted to look great on the dance floor.

Dominic was the clean type, all neatly pressed trousers and polished leather shoes. He’d be a good father, she’d told herself when they’d met. After all, he liked rules, was respectful of ethics, and believed in doing things right.

But once they’d started having sex, all he wanted to do was push his cock inside of her and climax quickly, eyes closed.

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After, he’d say, “What should I do to make you come?” as if her orgasm was a duty or a puzzle to be fixed.

Yesterday when he’d said that, she’d replied, “You don’t have to do anything.” And he’d smiled, kissed the top of her head, then headed for the bathroom. That’s when she’d realized this was never going to work. But she’d already paid for the dance lesson, so why not turn up and enjoy it?

Thank God she hadn’t cancelled! After all, how could she have known that this lesson would change her life?

On the dance floor, her instructor Eduardo already adored her. She could feel it in his touch, in the way he spun her round, in the way their rhythms made her ache. They were only dancing, but it felt like Eduardo was showing her what sex could be like, and she was lapping up the lesson like an eager kitten.

Then suddenly…oh! She felt his hard-on against her stomach, and his stare was darker and hotter, and his breathing was quickening.

Holding her round the waist, he said, “This is no ordinary lesson, is it, Annie?”

“Please,” she said, though it came out on a tremor. “I want this. I want…you.”

She flushed immediately at what she’d said, (how brazen!) but suddenly she felt him sweeping her up into a seamless kiss that made her melt. His kiss was so fierce, so hungry, so synced with her own, and she surrendered to it fully. When he moved his mouth to the side of her neck and unzipped the back of her dress, she moaned without thinking because of the journey of that zipper—so sensual, slow, and teasing. As he slipped the dress from her shoulders, the fabric caressed her, fluttering round her hips and thighs in such delicious ways.

In a second her bra was off too, and he was worshipping her collarbones, weighing her breasts in his hands, taking her nipples in his mouth. “You are so beautiful,” he said. “Bella, bella.”

His hands traveled over her buttocks, her waist, and this touch made every inch of her quiver, as if he could make her body come in a million different places.

In his pocket, he even had a condom! Dominic would have called that crass, but Annie thought it was hotter than hot.

Soon she’d ripped off Eduardo’s belt and stripped his shirt to reveal his smooth, toned torso, a feast for her needy hands. She dropped his trousers, and was down on her knees in a moment, his long cock in her mouth, and it astonished her how deeply he filled her, and how loudly he moaned.

“You’re so good,” he growled as she sucked him. His cock was like warm marble, so hard, so strong. He twined his fingers in her hair, his grip tightening, and she felt him shudder and groan before arching towards her, straining to take more of her. “I could come right now,” he gasped, “oh, so easily.”

Then she felt him grasp her hair into a ponytail and yank back her head. She jolted with surprise, then saw his dry, sexy smile. “But I won’t come yet,” he said. “I need to be inside you.”

And yes, he kept his promise! Just a minute later, Annie was on all fours as Eduardo clasped her hips and told her how perfect her buttocks were, how beautiful her pussy, and how filling her made him look so large.

“I’m going to come hard,” he told her.

His cock felt so good inside her that she found herself bucking back onto his cock, crushing the pleasure out of him with wet little sounds. He grasped her hair again and told him she was his, and she joyed in every moment—the pleasure, the pain.

Next, she lay on her back and he kneeled between her thighs, raising her hips so he could fuck her. His cock was so large it made her ache, and she found herself moaning, incapable of holding it back. It didn’t take long before her pussy was ready—so very, very ready—that she kept thinking the next thrust would be the one that would tip her into ecstasy.

But it was only when they changed position once again, so that she was sitting astride his lap, that her body began to come. When she felt the climax starting, she was riding him so hard, her cries incessant as she gripped his honed body. In fact, she was bucking her hips with so much pleasure that she had to scream out—to yell and yell and yell.

The orgasm was so riotous that she thought it would never stop, and when she heard him moaning in desperation and felt him grab her hips as if her movements were saving his life, she burst into another climax, and wailed out even more loudly, the world a breathless blur.

After, as she lay in his arms, he asked if she’d go out with him for dinner that night. “We can even go dancing,” he said, “if you like.”

With a twinkle she told him, “Yes, yes, yes!”

And that’s how it all began...

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Lana Fox
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