Do Men and Women's Orgasms Feel Different?

What is the difference in an orgasm for a man and a woman?

There are a lot of similarities in the experience of orgasm in men and women, such as general spasms, emotional intimacy, a feeling of ecstasy, and pleasurable satisfaction, although the intensity of these feelings may differ between women and men.

The primary difference is that men experience “shooting sensations,” where this has not been widely reported by women.

However, it is quite difficult to define what an orgasm feels like and many people report having difficulty coming up with the words to describe the sensation.

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Although self-reports are most valuable for this type of personal experience, there are other ways of assessing the experience.

Physiologists have observed objective signs such as bodily sensations, endocrinologists have looked at hormones and neurotransmitters, and brain imagers have looked at activations in the brain.

All of these investigations suggest the physiology of an orgasm is very similar between men and women.

Bhairava Yoga demonstrates a full body orgasm using Tantric massage techniques.


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