Do You Have Enough Sex?

How much sex is normal?

Do couples have unrealistic expectations about how much sex they should have? Yes and no.

In the last twenty five years we’ve come to base a big part of our self worth on our sexuality and sexiness.

This comes to the detriment of the average couple’s sexuality (and happiness) because there’s always pressure to keep up with what’s ‘normal’.

As such, many a couple fight has ensued over sexual frequency.

Please understand there is no ‘normal’ amount of sex a couple can have.

Sex is an ever evolving entity over a lifetime.

And for the record, it’s usually the people who are having a lot of sex who are willing to talk about it.

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Trina Read
Sexologist, Dr. Trina Read is the founder of The Business Of Sex Speaker Agency. She is a leading relationship and sexual health expert and educator; and is a best selling author, media expert, was a CBC radio Relationship columnist, syndicated blogger, international award winning speaker, newspaper & magazine columnist, and spokeswoman. Follow her on Twitter and Facebook.
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