Fantasy Breasts: An Erotic Short Story

Tammie Barnes couldn’t believe what was happening. The women’s magazine she was reading as she waited for her friend Gloria was harmless enough. It wasn’t meant to be titillating—yet here she was in The River Street Café, her face flushed because of what she was staring at.

“Things are changing,” she murmured to herself, as she stared at the beautiful fashion model.

“What’s changing?” Gloria sank down onto the seat opposite Tammie and took a swig of her mug of java. “Yuck,” she said, sticking out her tongue like she might throw up. (She did this every time she drank coffee at River Street.) “Well, the coffee’s the same, that’s for sure.”

Embarrassed, Tammie closed the magazine, but Gloria slammed a hand onto the cover. “Show me,” she said, her blue eyes playfully fierce. “We share everything, remember? Everything except men.”

Tammie shook her head, stunned. “You couldn’t have said anything more on point.”

“Meaning…this is a sex thing?”

“Look at the woman on page ten,” said Tammie, her cheeks burning more deeply now. “I just….” She bit her lip. “She’s gorgeous.”

Gloria was quick to find the picture. Even viewing the model upside down, Tammie thought she was stunning. She wasn’t skinny like the others in the magazine—she was curvier, with buoyant breasts, and hips that must cause havoc when she rocked them on the dance floor. Her skin was smoothly tanned and her lips were pouty. Black hair poured down her shoulders, and the tight black dress she wore clung to her body, its low-cut neckline showing a deep valley of cleavage.

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In fact, what attracted Tammie the most were those big and perfect tits, which were so different to her own smaller breasts. Suddenly, Tammie had a vision of her fiancé, Karl, licking this model’s perfect breasts, hungrily lapping at her nipples, making the model plead and gasp.

She’d never lusted after a woman before. How could this be her fantasy?

“She’s hot,” murmured Gloria, fingers raking absently through her coils of ginger hair. She raised an eyebrow, still staring at the picture. “Now there’s a girl I wouldn’t kick out of the sack.”

Tammie was astounded. “Wait! Are you into women?”

“Why not?” said Gloria, with a shrug. “I mean, I’ve never had sex with a girl before. But a hottie like this? Bring it.”

Tammie pulled the magazine back, examining woman’s milky coffee skin and swelling cleavage. “You know what I want, when I look at her?” she asked. Tammie’s cheeks were burning again, but she had to get this out. “I want Karl to strip her in front of me. And then maybe….” She let her mind go there for a moment, and saw the model naked on the carpet in their bedroom, writhing, whimpering, while Karl ran his tongue over those pillowy breasts, licking her rosy nipples. Tammie would be watching of course, and giving the orders. “Grab them, sweetheart,” she’d tell him, “those big tits….”

Gloria reached across the table and grasped Tammie’s hands. “Look sweetie,” she said, “What about talking with Karl about this woman, on the phone? It could be just what you need.” Tammie knew what Gloria meant. With Karl away in California for six months, they could only have phone sex—and if there was one thing Tammie was discovering, it was that phone sex didn’t turn her on. They’d been trying for weeks now, and she couldn’t even get off by talking about Karl’s cock. When his cock was out of the room and her pussy wasn’t with it, they were just two pieces of flesh—she couldn’t conjure them into anything more.

But if they could talk about this model and her perfect breasts, that could make quite a difference.

Tammie shifted her weight under the table. Her panties were slick already.

“You know,” Tammie mused, “maybe you’re right.” Then, jealousy clawed its way into her, and she added, “But what if it makes him want bigger tits than my own?”

Gloria shook her head, grinned, then took another slug of coffee, before sticking her tongue out again, making a gagging noise. “Listen,” she said. “Karl’s mad about you. He’ll enjoy this as much as you will! But you have to trust him with it. So. Do you think you can?”

“Well, baby,” said Karl on the phone that night, as Tammie lazed on the bed in her satin polka-dot teddy. “You wanna try phone sex again?”

She could hear the dismay in his voice. Karl was wonderful—the great thumping heart at the core of her life. But he adored phone sex, while she…well, she just couldn’t.

But tonight? Boy, did she have a surprise.

She was going to trust him.  

“Sweetheart,” she said, “let’s imagine another woman. A model I found in a magazine.”

There was a long pause in which her pulse got loud in her head, after which he said in his Mr. Sexy voice, “Hells yeah. Describe her, baby.”

Encouraged, Tammie did just that, paying particular attention to the model’s beautiful breasts—so large and shapely, so buoyant with life. “Just from her cleavage,” she said, “I can tell how taut her skin is there. Her breasts are…well, I’d want to see you…licking them.”

Karl didn’t waste any time. In moments, he was describing his version of this woman sprawled on their double bed, entirely naked, while he rubbed lubricant into her big, taut breasts. “Imagine,” he said, his voice smoky. “You can hear that lube as I rub it in—all those sticky noises. And her breasts, baby….” He gave a long groan. “Her breasts feel so warm under my hands, her nipples so hard….” Another moan. “Are you going to join me, baby?”

Tammie could barely reply because she’d already slipped her fingers inside the silky shorts of her teddy and was thrumming her wet clit. “I’m watching…” she gasped. “I’m watching as you do it…and she’s….” She groaned herself now. “She’s arching and writhing and begging you for more.”

“Fuck.” Karl gave a grunt—the kind that meant he was close already. “You should come and give me a hand.”

“No…” she began, but then she had a visual: Karl beckoning for her to crawl over and rub some lubricant onto the brunette’s beautiful tits. “Oh wow,” she said. “Oh Karl, maybe I will.”

He laughed at that—his sweet, warm Karl-laugh that she missed so much. “Rub ‘em, Tams…you’re gonna make me explode so hard….” And whatever he said after that, she couldn’t quite make out, because, in her mind, her hand was reaching for the model’s beautiful left breast. Please, the model begged, her dark eyes filled with desire. Please touch my breasts, please…. And Tammie placed her palms over the woman’s tits, which were soft yet tight, big with large nipples that poked into the palms of Tammie’s hands. She rubbed and rubbed, so horny for those tits.

“Oh Karl!” she cried out into the phone. “I’m massaging them! And you’re watching! They’re so hot, her lubed tits, and her nipples are so hard, and she’s moaning, Karl, she’s moaning….” And suddenly, Tammie was rubbing at her clit frantically, and the fantasy was so vivid in her head that her pussy burst into the deepest climax she’d had in years. She cried out with pleasure, bucking her hips, as she kept on imagining those slippery breasts, while Karl watched her rubbing them. When she finally came down from the climax, she could hear Karl groaning her name as he climaxed too.

There was something so sweet about that: Karl, groaning her name.

After they’d had a moment to recover, Tammie asked, “Was that good, sweetheart?”

“Spectacular!” said Karl. “Oh my God, baby. You’re on fire tonight.”

Tammie beamed. She felt kinky and proud, and she’d come like dynamite. “Who knows where our fantasies will take us,” she said.

“One thing’s for sure,” said Karl, in his sweet-yet-smoky voice. “I’ll be leaving them in your capable—and downright sexy—hands.”

“I love you,” said Tammie.

Karl blew a kiss down the phone. “I didn’t think it was possible to love you more. But tonight—you’ve proven me wrong.”

Tammie went gooey, her heart filled with the man she so missed. “Honey, I’m glad I trusted you with this,” she said.

“You’re the most beautiful girl in the world,” said Karl.

And Tammie knew he meant it.

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Lana fox
Lana Fox
Lana Fox is Co-Founder and Senior Editor of Go Deeper Press—a publisher of stories for brain and brawn. She also runs The Mermaid Voyage: A Two-Week Journey of Erotic Self-Discovery.  Lana’s articles and posts on sexuality have appeared in Boston Magazine, Spirituality & Health, Glo Magazine, and elsewhere.  She has widely published her erotic fiction, and she recently released a novel, published by Harper Collins’ Mischief, called “Confessions of a Kinky Divorcee.”  Her nonfiction self-help book is represented by the Sarah Jane Freymann Literary Agency and she can be found online at: and . Follow her on Twitter and Facebook.
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