Five Fetishes You've Never Heard Of

Here are sexual fetishes you've probably never heard of. (via Anyhoo)

Sexual fetishism is where one achieves sexual arousal from a either a physical object or specific situation that is used to enhance the sexual experience. The enhancing element is used as an orgasmic trigger and varies from application to usage.

Not every fetish is everyone’s cup of tea...but don’t yuck someone else’s yum.

Here is a quick list of some of the more interesting sexual fetishes out there.
This fetish is all about creepy crawlies and insects. There are those who are turned on by the idea of having insects climb and crawl all over their bodies, especially their genitals. The idea of being bitten, tickled or stung is also highly arousing.

What Is A Sexual Fetish?
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Hard to pronounce, and a mouth full--literally. This paraphilia concerns sexual arousal through either biting another person or being bitten. Although it does not typically involve blood, many people actually exhibit this behaviour on a regular basis.

Have you ever been in a hot and heavy situation and your sexy lover goes in for a little nibble? Same idea, just as a fetish the basic idea is that being bitten brings you to orgasmic ecstasy.

Hermatolagnia, or blood play is typically seen amongst those who possess their lifestyles as vampires but is not limited to that crowd. Many who practice blood play feel that the blood is a sacred life force (obviously) but that it also possesses powerful and magical properties. Vampirism and knife players alike are those who may be seen to desire this fetish.

Many of you grew up wanting to be a beautiful Disney princess. Most of you didn’t actually become one. This fetish is for those who are actually attracted to the dolls and/or figurines and possibly desire sexual encounters with this toy.

Dollification on the other hand though, is the process in which someone chooses to evolve physically and mentally into a living doll. These people may also choose to submit to their ‘owner’ and live subserviently to their owner. These two go hand in hand, and although agalmatophilia has long been a tradition, (see all the blow up dolls in sex stores across the country), dollification is especially now gaining ground internationally with groups popping up on the interwebs and social media where you can see plenty of people worship these mostly women who participate in this fetish.

It is really unknown why this fetish exists, but this fetish might give some of you the heebie-jeebies! Coulrophilia is the fetish for clowns, mimes & jesters. The make-up, frilly collars, and red squeaky noses might not be your cup of tea.

After doing some research on the subject ‘clown porn’ is really a huge thing on the interwebs that might not only turn you on, but put a smile on your face all at the same time. It’s just too bad the Joker didn’t find this niche before taking on Batman.


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