Five Reasons Women Should Masturbate

There are people who need a reason to engage in solo pleasure. Maybe they've been told masturbation is sinful; maybe they are uncomfortable with their own bodies. Maybe they have just never felt like it was appealing.

Masturbation isn't exactly a subject that parents are excited to tackle at any age. At least if you have a young or teenage boy around, masturbation often comes up in the context of a family joke. It's not perfect, but in those homes at least the word exists.

In many families where there are daughters in the house, masturbation rarely, if ever, gets talked about. It wouldn't be surprising for many girls to grow up thinking that masturbation is a "boy thing." That's often how it feels, until we figure out just how wrong we've been.

If you are one of the women (or men) who need a reason to close the door and enjoy some deeply intimate personal time, here are five reasons.

You want good partnered sex
If you want better sex you need to figure out what feels good. It is impossible for a partner (of any gender) to have sexual ESP; no person is going to know exactly what turns you on unless you tell them. And if you don't know how to turn yourself on, it's going be pretty difficult for someone else to figure out.

Being a selfish lover isn't just about being concerned with your own pleasure, it's also about not being willing to share what you know about your body with someone else.

And to those of you who worry that your reliance on vibrators (during masturbation) makes sex with a partner more challenging--stop using vibes solely for solo play. They are a great partner accessory. It can never take the place of a penis and can be a great way to ensure that both of you have maximum pleasure.

You want to be sexually empowered
Yes, masturbation is empowering. You are a sexual being. Knowing that your body is capable of producing pleasure on its own regardless of your relationship status is powerful. Think about all those unfulfilling fumbling in the dark you could have avoided during your lifetime.

A partner doesn't make us sexual; we are sexual all on our own.

You want good health
In a recent study about vibrator usage, researchers at Indiana University (2009) found that women who used vibrators were more likely to have had a gynecological check up in the past year and were more likely to have performed a genital self-exam in the last month.

In layman's terms, people who are concerned about their personal pleasure are concerned with their overall sexual health. If that weren't enough, if you aren't familiar with your genitals, how on earth can you identify when something is unusual for your body? Pleasure and sexual functioning are essential components of our overall health.

You have trouble going to sleep
And these days, who of us isn't stressed out? Our mind is always racing, making it near impossible for fall asleep. If you can't sleep--or if you want to sleep--an orgasm can send you into deep relaxation caused by the release of endorphins. Consider an orgasm world's best tranquilizer. Getting some zzz's has never been more enjoyable.

Because why the hell not?
You're tired, bored, stressed, you have menstrual cramps, you're just plain in the mood. It doesn't really matter, does it? Masturbation can alleviate (or solve) all of these things. Don't kid yourself.

Pleasure (whether or not that leads to orgasm) is important. And you deserve it.

Watch this interview with the "Godmother of Masturbation", Betty Dodson talking about Sex for One.

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