Flirt Outside Your Relationship

Seeing your partner flirt, understandably, can bring out insecurities and jealousy. Yet, innocent flirting can add an immense amount of zest to your intimacy and sex life.

Think of flirting as window shopping for those in a committed relationship. You have to admit that it’s really nice when you (or your partner) can still feel attractive and sexy to other people.

Best of all, when your partner has permission to flirt, they then bring that wonderful flirting energy home to you which creates a happy couple connection.

As for mild jealousy, it actually affirms the affection within your relationship. That said, a well-balanced individual will not twist their jealously into a full-blown fight.

Here's some easy things to do to give flirting a try:

  • Talk through what is acceptable and not acceptable flirting behavior. For example: "It's okay for you both to chat and laugh with others but it's crossing the line when: (fill in the blank)."
  • The first time you go out as a couple take baby-steps.
  • Make a pact that neither of you will keep secrets when it comes to flirting. There is something empowering and sexy to be confident enough in your relationship to allow flirting.

Try it, you might find you really like it.

Great Love Tip How much is too much flirting? If you can't tell your partner about a flirting experience, you've crossed the line and shouldn't be doing it.

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