Four Reasons Men Should Have Sex

From our experience and our research sex isn’t just a healthy activity for committed adults--the health benefits are actually wide-ranging and address several critical areas of our health.

It’s not that we’re reluctant to share it. It’s just that we don’t want the information about the healthy benefits of sex to be, well, misused. We’ve made a list of some of the things we’d prefer not to hear about or see as a result of this article.

  • We don’t want to see dating site profiles to lead with the line “Save a life--go out with me.”
  • We don’t want to hear about guys pleading with their significant others when they say they are too tired for sex by saying, “Come on, honey. You don’t want me to DIE, do you?”
  • We don’t want to see YouTube video blogs from guys slated “Deathwatch: Day 20 Without Sex.”
  • And we won’t write you a prescription for sex that you can take home to your partner. So, please, don’t ask.

With that out of the way, here are some pretty darn amazing health facts about sex.
Heart Attacks
According to a recent study from Queens University in Belfast, Ireland, men who have sex three or more times a week can cut their risk of heart attack in half. In addition, that same study also concluded that a steady diet of the horizontal mambo will slice their risk of having a stroke in half, as well.

Prostate Cancer
Yes. we know that heart attack, stroke and prostate cancer are not the kinds of terms one might be used to seeing but science is science. Some recent science states that frequent ejaculations, especially in 20-something men, may lower the risk of getting prostate cancer later in life.

According toin the Journal of the American Medical Association, men who had 21 or more ejaculations during the course of a month were less likely to develop prostate cancer than those who had only between four and seven ejaculations in the same time period.

Now, you don’t necessarily need a partner in order to achieve those same health benefits, so just make sure you’ve got good virus protection on your computer if you need to go with a digital solution, okay?

Weight Loss
Every time we see weight loss program commercials on TV, we can’t help but wonder how much longer will it be before someone uses sex to sell those, too. After all, a 30-minute dance between the sheets will typically burn about 200 calories, about the same amount as spending 30 minutes on the treadmill.

Comparatively, however, sex tends to work a variety of different muscle groups, as well. It’s not just about the cardio--it might be more helpful with those abs, too.

Sick Days or Sex Days?
Scientists at Wilkes University in Pennsylvania discovered that sex once or twice a week can boost your immune system by 30 percent. When you start to run out of sick days at work, maybe you should set up some “wellness visits” with your partner. Now, if only hotel rooms were covered by health insurance.

So guys, please, use this information with some discretion. We don’t want to get phone calls from your partners asking us if we’re the ones who told you that you needed more sex or else you’d get sick.

Besides, if that’s all the game you’ve got, you have a lot more worries than your health, okay dude?

Dr. Jessica O'Reilly talks about more health benefits from having sex for Oh So Cosmo.

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