Heads Up: Book Excerpt

Teasing 101
Here is a playful example of an artfully crafted how-to instructional guide to teasing ones male-bodied partner. This is by no means the only or right way to tease your mate, it is simply an example of how one individual may traverse these erotic waters.

Sara’s Story
Before coming face to face with my partner’s penis, I spend some time kissing and biting on his neck and ears, while at the same time whispering to him what’s to come. I then unbutton his shirt and spend some time on his nipples (lick, flick, kiss, and blow). I make sure to hold myself back from taking all his clothes off at once though, undressing by layers feels far more seductive. I leave his underwear on while I kiss and nibble my way around his thighs and abs. I sometimes even bite his penis gently through his underwear and rub it softly with my hands through his clothes.

Once I start to feel my partner squirm, usually when I notice his hips push towards me, and I hear him telling me he’s craving more...then and only then, do I allow my mouth to taste his penis. At this point he’s usually begging for me to take his penis deep into my mouth, but I don’t do it, at least not quite yet.

I slowly peel back his underwear, and then give a slow, long lick up his shaft and around the head. After this initial exploration I make direct eye contact and finally take his penis fully into my mouth. I take it all, and take it deep. If I’m feeling it, I moan to show my partner the pleasure I’m getting from this treat, a treat that only he can offer.

This is the start of the dance called the tease, a dance not easily forgotten. Teasing doesn’t only have to happen prior to commencing oral pleasure; rather it can also be a good way to prolong sensuality and can keep your partner begging for more.

That being said, teasing your partner every time you give oral sex may not be a good habit to get into. It may take away from the appeal and sensuality of the occasional tease, and could cause frustration in the most patient of individuals. You may want to use it instead as an intermittent or sporadic technique that you pull from your bag of tricks, not as an everyday go to.

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Heads Up Author’s Bios: Dr. Teesha Morgan and Constance Lynn Hummel, MA are both Clinical Counsellors, Sex Therapists and Educators with private practices located in Vancouver, BC. Additionally they are Co-Founders of The Westland Academy of Clinical Sex Therapy. They work with individuals and couples of all ages, genders, and sexual orientations with the goal of creating an honest, welcoming and "fun" way for individuals to explore this crazy thing we call sex.  


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