How Do I Enjoy the 69 Position?

My question has to do with 69. It's very popular for guys to want to do it, at least in my sex life, but it's really hard for me at least because my tongue is not by the sensitive side of the penis. Other than trying it on your side, do you have any tips?

I will tell you what men have told me their reactions are when this has happened to them.

If he is younger, mid- 20's, he will want to try it invariably because he has seen it in adult films and pictures. As noted, porn is not the most accurate source of information.

By the time men are 30, they say it is very difficult to concentrate on receiving and giving at the same time and that goes for both partners.

It can be a transitional move, look good in a side viewing mirror but to completion, is often difficult because of what I just mentioned.

Having said that, there are some couples for whom this is the 'be-all, end all' for them, but don't have your enjoyment be dictated by what others experience. We don't all enjoy the same things in a restaurant so why would we sexually?

Side does tend to be the best, with each resting their head on the other's leg but the problems is often there is a difference in height and body length so one is scrunched and the other is stretched out.

Now your boyfriend may be one of those who can enjoy doing this, after all our brains are our largest sexual organs, but for you, you already know your mouth is not in a great position, yet you know you have many other options.

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