Ladies Get Condom Confident

'Condom confidence' is incredibly important to your sexual health. If you want to develop your condom confidence so that condoms don't become a passion killer, try these steps.

Practice Makes Perfect
Just in case he hasn't been practicing with condoms, make sure you know how to open them up and which way to unroll them.

Grab Some Lubricant
To give him a little extra fabulous pleasure, have some condom-friendly lube on hand. Before you slip the condom on to his penis squirt a little lube into the tip of the condom. This will give him a yummy, moist sensation more like the feeling he would get from touching you without a condom.

Sex It Up
Turn slipping that condom on to him into a bit of a fantasy play. Ask him to lie back and be a good 'patient'. Pretend you're a naughty nurse who slips on top of him and takes hold of his penis giving it a few strokes with your hand before you gently slip that condom on. He will love the sex play!

Introduce a Vibrator
Tell him you want to give him a sexy massage as he lies back before you slip on the condom on. Take some condom-friendly lube and massage it onto his inner thighs, testicles and perineum.

Take a vibrator and gently vibrate this lubricated area. Turn off the vibrator and start slipping the condom on. While it's only half-way on, start vibrating his lubricated loins again. Then turn off the vibrator and finish flipping the condom down the base of his shaft.

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Dr. Pam Spurr
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