Late at the Office: An Erotic Short Story

It was going to be another long, boring evening at the office, Marie thought to herself as she finished up another report.

As was often the case, she was one of the last ones there for the day, along with Alicia and Rich. And they were the only really good things about her job, she reflected. Especially Rich.

She saw Alicia brush a few stray wisps of blond hair from her face in a habitual gesture, then get up from her chair and head over to where Rich sat. She tapped on Marie's desk as she passed, giving her a wink and a smile. Marie looked up at her, then darted a glance at Rich before rolling her eyes: she hadn't had any more luck getting his attention than Alicia.

Both women knew that men found them attractive: Alicia was a natural blonde with smoky brown eyes and a figure that was the definition of voluptuous; Marie was a dark brunette with a more petite, athletic build and a face most men simply couldn't look away from. Except for Rich.

Marie and Alicia had started out as competitors in the office, both professionally and in pursuit of Rich's affection. But trying to break through his shell seemed to be impossible for either of them, and in an odd turn of fate they found themselves supporting each other in what had become both a game and an inside joke.

The man seemed to be impervious--or oblivious!--to female charms. Marie smiled her encouragement, then turned her attention back to the report she was working on, watching Alicia's approach to Rich's desk out of the corner of her eye.

Alicia tended to wear revealing, tight-fitting clothes, but was smart enough not to wear them too tight: she wanted to show off her figure, not look like she had squeezed herself into a sausage roll.

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Marie had to admit that Alicia looked damn good. Today she was wearing a cream-colored silk blouse that hugged her torso and provided enough cleavage from her ample breasts to be enticing, but not too much to offend the office prudes, and a black leather knee-length skirt that followed the curves of her hips and thighs perfectly. Below that, she wore black hose and some sleek black heels that accentuated the walk, that sexy swaying motion that Alicia really had a knack for when she was turning on the charm.

For all the good it was going to do her, Marie thought with a trace of satisfaction. Even though Alicia was a friend now and a fellow player in this little game, she wasn't exactly praying that Alicia would be the one to get through to Rich! That thought made her wonder again just why they were so determined to get this guy.

He was good-looking, sure, but couldn't exactly claim to be the pinnacle of the male of the species. He was fully six feet tall and had a body that filled out his suit nicely. His dark brown hair was lush and nicely cut, but outwardly unexceptional. Perhaps the single really captivating thing about his appearance was his eyes, which behind his glasses were an unusual blue-green, appearing to change color with his mood.

No, the most captivating thing about him wasn't his body, it was what was inside. He was actually an incredibly nice guy who had figured out how to be a man without being a jerk. And for some reason she couldn't put her finger on, she found him really sexy.

She'd talked to Alicia about it at great length, and both of them agreed that one of the things that also made him attractive was, paradoxically enough, the fact that he seemed to be so impervious to their advances. It was maddening, and both women considered it a challenge they couldn't pass up.

They were pretty sure that he wasn't gay, and Marie had even asked him once straight out if he was, but he had only laughed and shook his head.

"Here's this one, Rich," Alicia said as she sidled up next to him, handing him the report with one hand, while resting the other on the back of his chair. Marie had to give Alicia credit for subtle moves: she noticed that two of her fingers on the hand resting on his chair were brushing against Rich's back, just enough that he would be sure to feel the contact.

In a less subtle move, her breasts hung right in front of him as she leaned over to put the report on his desk. He looked up from the project he was working on, looking her in the eye and giving her a smile without even glancing at her cleavage.

"Thanks, Alicia," he said, picking up the report and adding it to one of the piles arranged on his desk. "That's the last one for this batch." Glancing back up at her, he added, "You do great work, you know that?"

Alicia smiled, but she knew that Rich's complement was totally sincere and devoid of any sexual undertones. She almost sighed in frustration. "Thanks Rich," she said, putting a hand on his shoulder. "Hey, you look pretty tired, you know." And he did: there were rings forming under his eyes, and they were a bit bloodshot.

Deciding to toss subtlety to the wind, she put on her best bedroom eyes and asked, "Why don't you let me take you home and take care of you?"

Rich gave her a mischievous grin as he shook his head. "For some reason, I doubt I'd be getting much rest!"

From her desk, Marie noted that Rich never so much as glanced at Alicia's breasts, like almost all men did. He was maddening, she thought. Show some reaction, will you? But he didn't. Standing up and stretching a bit, Rich told them that he was taking the reports up to his boss's office, and would be back in a few minutes.

"Do you two want anything?" he asked.

Now there's a loaded question, Marie thought. "No thanks," she said. "I should have my last report done by the time you get back, though." Rich feigned a groan and turned toward Alicia, who seemed to be doing her best to invade his personal space without blatantly groping him.

"I'll just take you," she said softly, and again he only grinned and shook his head. Picking up the foot-thick stack of reports, he headed out the door.

 "What is it with him?" Alicia said, burning with frustration. "I'd like him to--just once--really notice me!"

"I know the feeling," Marie replied drily. "Maybe he's a member of a secret monk's society or something. Or maybe he's an alien?"

"I feel like I could stand right here in front of him, naked, and he'd just look at me with that stupid grin of his and turn away. It makes me want to tear his face off." Then she laughed. "That would be kind of counterproductive, wouldn't it?"

The two were silent for a moment. Then Marie noticed a funny look, a naughty grin, creeping onto Alicia's face.

"What are you thinking?" she asked. "You aren't really going to..."

"Well, I was thinking...No, no, never mind," Alicia said quickly, turning back to her desk.

"Now wait a minute!" Marie told her, coming over. "Don't play that game with me, girl. You've got an idea, spill it!"

"Okay, but you have to promise not to laugh or think I'm weird," Alicia said seriously.

"I promise. Now give."

"Well, there was this guy I dated a while back who...This is a bit embarrassing..." Marie put her hands on her hips and gave Alicia the look. "Okay, okay," Alicia conceded. "He said that one of the biggest turn-ons for a lot of men in their fantasies is a threesome with a couple of women. And, well..."

She hesitated again, and Marie glared at her. "Well, we did it, once, with another woman he knew."

Marie was surprised, but not really shocked. She knew Alicia was a lot more experienced sexually than she was. She had certainly fantasized enough about being with two men at once, so why not the other way around? And she found that, at least talking about it with Alicia, she didn't feel uncomfortable. In fact, she felt a tingle of excitement run through her.

"How was it?" she asked quietly, moving a bit closer to her friend.

"It was...interesting," Alicia said, averting her eyes in obvious embarrassment. But there was also an obvious trace of recalled pleasure. "Or, rather, it had some interesting possibilities. But the other woman was more interested in impressing him than she was in, well, taking care of me. It was fun, but not nearly as fun as I think it could have been with the right people."

"Okaaaay," Marie replied. "So, just what did you have in mind?" She'd never actually entertained the thought of being with another man and a woman, but it was an intriguing possibility, in a very naughty kind of way.

"Well, what if Rich were to come back and find the two of us, um, 'involved' on the couch in the conference room?" She couldn't quite bring herself to look Marie in the eye. "And, because he's so damned focused when he starts working, maybe we could leave him a little trail of clothing behind us. Just to make it so obvious that even he couldn't overlook it!"

Marie didn't answer right away, and she watched as Alicia quickly got very embarrassed, thinking she'd just made a huge blunder.

"I...I'm sorry," Alicia stammered.

"Why should you be sorry?" Marie said quietly, stepping closer. "I'm interested." She touched Alicia's hand, and her friend looked up at her, that naughty grin creeping back onto her face.

"Well, then I guess we should start getting these clothes off," Alicia said, her voice suddenly husky. "Rich is going to be back soon."

She started to unbutton her blouse, but Marie stopped her. "If we're going to do this right, then I think we should undress each other. After all, we shouldn't be shy about that if we're talking about making love in a few minutes, now should we?"

Then she began to unbutton Alicia's blouse with trembling fingers. She expected there to be a loud alarm bell going off in her head telling her that she was crazy as hell for pulling a stunt like this, but she wasn't trembling from fear or uncertainty now: it was anticipation. Alicia stood still, her dark brown eyes locked with Marie's hazel ones as Marie slowly undid the buttons on Alicia's blouse.

Marie noticed how hard her friend's nipples had become, and could feel her own pressing tightly against the lace of her bra, along with a sudden rush of heat between her legs.

"Jesus," Alicia breathed, leaning her head back and closing her eyes as Marie undid the last button and then slowly peeled off her blouse. Marie moved up close and reached around to undo Alicia's bra, and Alicia shuddered as the bra fell to the floor.

"God, they're beautiful," Marie breathed.

"I'd rather have yours," Alicia whispered, her eyes now gazing at Marie's chest. Gingerly at first, then with growing assuredness, she ran her hands over Marie's breasts, then gently twisted her friend's nipples through her dark green dress that showed more than just a hint of cleavage. Marie gasped at the touch.

"Yours may not be as big as mine, but they're perfect." She cupped them in her hands and gently kneaded them as she moved her lips close to Marie's. "Perfect."

When their lips touched, a bolt of heat surged through Marie's body, and she pulled Alicia closer. Her tongue touched her friend's, and then she felt Alicia's hand in her hair, drawing her head closer, the kiss growing more passionate. Then Alicia's hands began to work feverishly at the zipper along Marie's back, and they broke the kiss as the dress slipped to the floor.

"I thought you said something about making a trail for him to follow," Marie managed as she turned Alicia around and practically ripped open the zipper on her leather skirt, then knelt down to yank it off. Alicia was using garters to hold up her hose and, as Marie had suspected, wasn't wearing any panties.

As Alicia turned back toward her, Marie could smell Alicia's musk and got a good look at her pussy and its neatly trimmed triangle of blonde hair. There was a telltale trace of wetness glistening there that captivated her attention.

But then it was Alicia's turn. She pulled Marie to her feet and twirled her around to face away from her. In a smooth motion she undid Marie's bra and let it drop to the floor. Then she tugged off Marie's shoes and pulled off her pantyhose. Standing close behind behind Marie, Alicia reached around to knead and pinch Marie's nipples.

Marie opened her mouth in a sigh that ended in a gasp as Alicia nipped her shoulder, then her neck, then turned Marie's head to kiss her again, hard. Marie's pussy was more than wet by now, and she could feel the wetness making its way down the inside of her thighs.

"The couch," she gasped. Alicia led her into the adjoining conference room and laid her down on the couch, then straddled her so Marie could suck on her nipples. Marie took the left nipple into her mouth first and greedily began to suck on it while her hand pinched, pulled, and twisted the other one. Above her, Alicia groaned and grabbed a handful of Marie's hair, using it to pull her even tighter against her breasts.

"Have you ever tasted your own pussy?" Alicia managed to breathe. Marie only shook her head as she moved her mouth to Alicia's other nipple. After another moment of frenzied sucking, Alicia suddenly pushed herself away, moving to one side of Marie.

"Spread your legs," Alicia ordered. Her whole body trembling, Marie spread her thighs wide, waiting for what might come next.

Alicia held up her index and middle fingers of her right hand, and said, "One for you, one for me."

Then she leaned over and kissed Marie's breasts, while running her hand slowly down her belly to the soft mound of brunette hair covering her pussy. Marie's body was trembling as Alicia ran her fingers over Marie's soaked pussy lips, then--with her thumb gently massaging Marie's clit--she slipped those two fingers deep into Marie's cunt.

"Oh, God, Alicia..." Marie gasped as she frantically worked her hips against her friend's hand, an orgasmic surge already building inside her.

"Not yet," Alicia whispered as she slowly withdrew her fingers. She put the middle finger in her mouth and slowly licked it clean. Then she offered her middle finger to Marie, who sucked it in eagerly, her tongue swirling around it, sampling the taste of her own body.

"Now me," Alicia said, as she took one of Marie's hands and guided it to her own pussy. Parting her legs, Alicia watched as Marie slid two fingers into her cunt. Marie, her body wracked with lust, pushed her fingers in as far as they could go and then began to wiggle them around.

"Taste me," Alicia begged, moving to pull Marie's hand away. But Marie was past that.

Rolling Alicia onto her back and pushing her legs open even wider, Marie slid down her friend's body--pausing for a long minute to suck and bite her nipples one last time on the way down--and then knelt on the floor between Alicia's legs, her fingers still buried in her lover's cunt.

Marie began to work them in and out in a steadily faster rhythm, her eyes all the while locked on Alicia's. Then, without any further hesitation, she lowered her head to her friend's pussy and began to lick, then suck, on her clit. Alicia's body bucked, arching her back up off the couch as Marie's tongue started working her clit, and she grabbed the back of her legs to lift them higher and spread them wider, driving her hips against Marie's tongue and feverishly pumping fingers.

"Oh...God!" Alicia cried as her body shook. She threw her head back, her eyes closed and mouth wide open in a spasm of pleasure as the first in a series of orgasms surged through her. Marie watched her friend's contortions, and could feel her cunt convulsing around her frantically pumping fingers.

It only made her want to ram them in harder and faster to drive Alicia completely crazy. Finally, Alicia's hands groped down to grab Marie's.

"Enough," she croaked. "Enough." Her body slumped down, and she pulled Marie up to her, kissing her roughly on the mouth.

"God, that was so incredible," she whispered as they broke the kiss. But then Marie saw Alicia's eyes dart toward the door, and she turned to see Rich standing in the doorway, mouth agape.

"Uhhh..." he managed. "I'll just...leave you two alone." Quickly turning around, he sputtered, "It's past time for me to go, anyway, so--"

"No!" both women ordered simultaneously.

Marie got up from atop Alicia and grabbed Rich, pulling him down to kiss him hard on the lips, while Alicia quickly knelt in front of him and started to undo his belt and pants.

"We've had enough of your ignoring us, Rich," Alicia muttered as the belt came undone and she unzipped his fly. "You're ours, now."

Rich didn't have much of a chance, not that he offered anything more than the most feeble protest, they noticed. The two women pulled him to the floor, Marie now unbuttoning his shirt while Alicia wrestled with his pants. And when she pulled off his underwear, she sighed, "There are still miracles, Marie!"

Marie looked up from her efforts to get Rich's T-shirt off, his head pinned under her belly, to see what Alicia was talking about. She saw, with widening eyes, that not only did Rich have a sexy body, but he was quite well endowed, too.

Alicia held in her hand a beautiful cock that was a full eight inches long. Stroking it gently, she looked up at Marie, "I already had a chance to come. You first."

Not wasting any time, Marie moved to straddle Rich's hips. Alicia held his cock upright and guided it into Marie's pussy as she lowered herself with a groan.

"Oh my God," Marie muttered as she began to move up and down. She felt Rich clamp his hands to her hips as he began to thrust into her, matching her rhythm.

With the priming she had from making love to Alicia, it only took her seconds to have her first orgasm, and it never really ended: like ocean waves, cresting and ebbing, it seemed to go on and on. Satisfied that Marie was taken care of, Alicia knelt down on all fours over Rich, dangling her breasts over his face.

Obviously resigned to the situation and fully prepared to make the most of it, he sucked first one, then the other of her nipples into his mouth, sucking, flicking, and gingerly biting them in a way that quickly started driving her crazy with pleasure. Nearing another orgasm, she pulled away and then straddled his face, facing Marie as Rich's tongue started working its magic on her clit.

The women kissed as they both rocked against the man beneath them, and suddenly Alicia was hit with another orgasm. Not long after, Rich's thrusting became more frantic, and his tongue seemed to lose its rhythm against Alicia's clit. Both women were just climbing to the top of another orgasm as Marie felt his cock swell inside her.

"A few more seconds, Rich," she whimpered. "Not yet...not yet...oh, now, baby, now!"

With that, Rich arched his back and thrust the full length of his cock into Marie's cunt as he came, and through her own orgasm she felt his cock spasm, adding more heat to her already burning core. And she also sensed Alicia's shuddering, signaling yet another orgasm for her as Rich cried out his own pleasure between Alicia's legs.

Spent now, Alicia crawled off of Rich and lay next to him, while Marie simply slumped forward onto his chest. Both women kissed him, then each other, before laying lay their heads on his shoulders.

"You've been such an asshole, Rich, ignoring us," Alicia whispered as she stroked his arm.

"Yeah," Marie added, nipping him in the chest, "a complete jerk."

Rich, gently cradling both women in his arms, shook his head dazedly and murmured, "I guess it's a good thing for me that I was."

After dealing with the retribution of tickling and pinching that Marie and Alicia gave him, he said, "Come on, ladies, it's time to get out of here. If you want, you're both more than welcome to come home with me."

And, looking forward to what else the night and coming days might bring, they did.

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