Look But Don't Touch: An Erotic Story

How eagerly he takes the blindfold! How willingly he submits to whim! How forcefully he strains against the ties I bound him with, trying to reach me.

You'd think I'd be satisfied. After all, I am the one who initiates these games.

But I'm not.

No, I'm pissed.

Here I am, in my sexiest red lingerie. I look amazing! He should be begging to see me. Instead, he willing let me wrap that fabric around his head, cutting my form from his eyes.

"I'm mad at you," I hiss contemptuously into his ear.

His smile drops and he slumps back into the chair. No more straining, no more pressure. Broken so easily. The smile that left his face slides on to mine.

Now for some fun.

"Why don't you want to look at me? Why did you let me blindfold you so willingly?"

The shocked look on his face is hilarious—and it makes me so wet. "But!" he tries to protest. I silence his mouth with a firm palm.

"Don't bother. Since you don't want to see, I won't let you watch. And I know how much you like to watch me touch myself."

I remove my hand, wondering if he will dare talk back. Fortunately, he is too well-trained to attempt it. Too freak him out even more I move behind him and lower his chair backwards. His bound hands grasp the legs he is tied to nervously.

Once I have him on his back, I let him lay there for a minute. Just as he looks like he's going to speak, I palm his mouth again with a "Don't."

"You don't get to participate, remember?"

With that warning, I slip out of my panties and lower my moist cunt to his face. My pussy hovers a couple inches away from his open mouth.

"You can listen and you can smell," I advise him as I slide two fingers between my lips, "but you cannot touch and you cannot look."

I know he can hear me as I make a loud show of plunging my fingers into my wetness and then keeping them in there—so close to his face.

"Do you understand what you're missing?" I tease. "Do you remember the last time I got myself off in front of you?"

Not that he's allowed to answer, but just in case he forgot his manners, I take my juice-covered fingers out of my cunt and clamp them over his mouth. "Don't you dare lick those lips," I warn, with a flick to his nose. "I'm going to rub my clit now, I know how much you like that. Just imagine it."

My excitement at dominating him courses through my entire body. I couldn't stop now if I wanted to—even if he managed to escape his ties and pull of the blindfold. My fingers race over my clit, rubbing, circling, pulling. I worry about losing my balance over him, but really, I don't care. I want to cum—now. Teasing him a bit more will push me over the edge.

"Do you know what I am going to do now? You know, you've seen it plenty of times before. I bet you wish you hadn't been so eager to cover your eyes, right? I bet you'd give anything...to...watch...me..."

I couldn't finish the sentence. Wave after wave of delicious pleasure sweep over me. I cup my vulva, reveling and shuddering through my cum.

As the spasms subside and I catch my breath, I look down and see the sheen of sweat across his brow. I dismount his face, making sure not to touch any part of him. With the last of my strength I prop him back up and untie him. I choose to leave the blindfold in place until the last.

His cock strains against his pants, but he doesn't know what to do. I slip the blindfold over my head, just shy of covering my eyes. Reaching to him, I unbuckle the top button of his jeans. He looks at me expectantly, a smile creeping across his face.

But I make that smile instantly disappear when I turn on my heel and walk toward the bedroom.

"Have fun out here," I giggle, tugging the blindfold down, "I'm going to bed!"

About The Author

Jon pressick3
Jon Pressick

Jon Pressick is a sexual gadabout. Sometimes he’s journalism and smut on his blog Sex In Words. Sometimes he’s cohosting and producing his radio show Sex City. Sometimes he’s hosting the Toronto Erotica Writers and Readers Meetup. Sometimes he’s performing as Mr. Ease. Sometimes he’s speaking at conferences. Sometimes he’s facilitating sex workshops. And sometimes he’s not thinking about sex at all. But those few minutes usually pass pretty quickly. You can find Jon at his blog or on Twitter


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