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A vibrating cock ring is a device (usually made from silicone or rubber) that fits tightly around the base of the penis and has a vibrating bullet at the top for clitoral stimulation. Here, both partners get stimulated.

Men get stronger and longer erections and women are much more likely to achieve orgasm through penis-vagina sex.

You can even put a vibrating cock ring on your dildo to increase the sensations.

The Big O


  • Inexpensive (generally about $20)
  • Waterproof and multi-speed vibrating patterns


  • Soft plastic ring doesn't stretch well and may be too tight for some guys
  • Switch on bullet can be difficult to operate

Overall Rating: 3/5



  • Vibrating bullets on the top and bottom of the ring for double the fun
  • Top bullet is touch-sensitive (so it only turns on when it stimulates the clitoris)


  • Somewhat expensive (generally around $50)
  • Bullets are not multi-speed

Overall Rating: 4/5

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