Male Masturbation Creams

This expose is all about him... male masturbation creams. These creams and oils are unique from other lubes because they are generally oil based.

Masturbation creams are very slick and are designed to enhance sensation and heighten a guy's pleasure while he's masturbating. They also make a wonderful lube to use during hand jobs.

Because masturbation creams are generally oil-based, couples who are practicing safer sex (with condoms) should never use these lubes as the oil will break down the condom.

Oils should never be inserted inside the vagina as it makes a woman more likely to get an infection or a STI.

Boy Butter


  • Water-based so can be used with condoms
  • Inexpensive (around $13.00 for 4oz jar)


  • Tends to be a little thick and does not absorb into the skin well
  • Have to reapply lube regularly

Overall Rating: 2/5


Stroke 29


  • Slick and slippery (never have to reapply)
  • Transforms from cream to oil to simulate the sensation of aroused human tissue


  • Somewhat expensive (around $30.00 for a 6oz tube)
  • Oil-based so it can stain and cannot be used with condoms

Overall Rating: 5/5



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Image source for Boy Butter. Image source for Stroke 29.


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