Man Expects Sex After Giving Massage

My girlfriend is all about massages. It always used to lead to sex, but lately she won't give it up after a rub down. I'm kind of confused. What is this all about?

This is a typical male concern because most guys figure any type of skin-on-skin action should lead to nooki.

A sensual massage can be part of foreplay, but it is also a wonderful non-sexual activity to do with our bed mate.

Most people are touch deprived and crave being caressed. So exploring our partner's body can benefit both partners. Your girlfriend is probably just fed up that every single time you grease her body, you feel you'll also be greasing your penis.

She went with it for awhile, but overtime, she'd rather watch paint dry than have you pressure her into a hot oil sex fest. Believe it or not, not every sensual act you have with your partner has to end with sex. And, you've probably pissed her off enough with your constant whining of "I did you, now you have to do me," that she just won't go there with you. What you need to do is back off the sex stuff.

Give her a rub down with no strings attached. After a few of these relaxing sessions, she'll most likely be more interested in sex again.

But don't make massage all about sex. Enjoy the sensations of giving and receiving intimate touch and doing something highly sensual with your partner.

If sex happens fine. If it doesn't and your pre-ejaculatory flood gates won't stop, run to the washroom and finish yourself off.

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