Man Needs A Lot of Oral Stimulation

Dorothy Black gives fives sex tips on how a woman can give a good blow job to her man.

My boyfriend takes forever to come when I am giving him head. I feel like I must be doing something wrong because he takes about 5 times longer than my two other boyfriends. I used to really enjoy doing this and now it has become a real chore because my mouth and jaw get so sore! I really like this man but I do not feel like I can please him. Any suggestions?

My first question would be if this man has been celibate or non-sexual with a partner for an extended period of time.

Reason being men who have had masturbating as their #1 form of sexual release for a period of time will often require more firm and intense stimulation.

Why you might ask? Because they get used to the more intense sensation they can create with their hands and the more subtle sensations of a woman's vagina or mouth may not be enough unless the woman can increase the intensity by using more of her hand during oral sex or, uses a position during intercourse that strongly stimulates the head of his penis, or his visual head during penetration, (e.g. watching both of you during rear entry style in a mirror).

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Three oral sex suggestions for you
"Attach" your hand to your mouth using your thumb and index finger in a ring around the outside of your lips as if you were going to yell across a field.

Your hand must stay attached to your mouth otherwise you have to cover your teeth with your lips and create pressure with your jaws and that is when many women get a sore jaw and or wear out the inside of the lips due to the friction and pressure.

During oral sex the ring of your finger and thumb plus your hand supplies the pressure and your mouth the moisture and heat. Remember to use a twisting motion with your hand and keep your tongue in motion.

(The illustration of this is in How To Be A Great Lover.)

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