Meeting At The Airport: An Erotic Story

The flight was late, damn, would she ever get there? The wine on the plane had given her a buzz on so she felt perhaps braver than she normally would have.  Fuck was the plane ever going to land?

They had been having the hottest conversations; sext'ing for months, having virtual sex on Skype--doing everything except physically having sex! Down to the dirtiest details of exactly what they would like to do to one another.

She hadn't had sex in such a long time; she was afraid she would implode the minute he touched her.  

Her vibrator had never seen so much action - thank god batteries were cheap; she certainly had enough inspiration to masturbate on a daily basis.  They were even sharing intimate photos of each other; who was she becoming--all she could think about was having his hard cock fuck her until she could no longer walk. She squirmed in her seat; damn she was getting horny again.

Finally the plane landed, she need to change before he picked her up. She wanted to look amazing when he saw her, not regret that he had put her on a plane that morning.

Changing into her Victorias' Secret dress that she had chosen specifically for this "date", she knew she looked hot, she hoped he would think so. Fuck, it is just sex, something she was good at--why was she so worried; she wondered if their hook up would be as good as the virtual sex they were having.

"OK, let's do this." She tasseled her hair and walked towards the exit--let the adventure begin.

She saw him before he saw her--he looked good. There were those nerves again, "Fuck you are a grown woman, stop being an idiot."

He turned around with a grin, immediately hugged her, ''God you're beautiful--glad you are here."

He was exactly how she remembered, day old scruff on his tanned face; she was envisioning how it would feel on her thighs.  He had come direct from work, she had never seen him in a suit--"very nice". He knew how good looking he was.

When it seemed like people were starting to stare, she pulled away and said 'hello.'

He took her hand in a possessive way, said, "Don't worry, I'm not going to hurt you.....much"

She really wanted to kiss him, but she was afraid of being too forward; was there such a thing between them? They had discussed everything from threesomes, to public sex, to sex toys, singles clubs, to anal sex; they had covered it all.

"Wait until we get to my place--I am going to slowly undress you, tease you with my tongue--just long enough to drive you crazy and have you begging for me to fuck you."

God she wanted him, she couldn't wait until they got to his house. She needed to touch him, she needed to feel how hard he was, she needed to have him inside of her.  Her pussy was wet, she had taken off her panties and the moisture was warm and sticking to her legs.
"Drive over there," she pointed to an abandoned side of the park-aide; she was going to have him now.

He was hard, she leaned over and unzipped his pants; fuck he was big; pre-cum oozing from the tip of his swollen cock. Her warm mouth wrapped around him; "amazing"--he touched the back of her throat almost making her gag. He was completely shaven which was a huge turn on; made sucking cock pure pleasure. 

"Move your seat back!" He pushed his pants down to his ankles anticipating that she was going to finish him.

Instead, she moved over to his seat, straddling him in one movement and sitting on his wet cock with her more than ready pussy.  "AAAAHHHHH" that was better!

He was surprised at her; he really liked it!!

Facing him, she finally kissed him long and hard on his mouth; biting his lower lip and lingering there for a few seconds.  She loved control; almost as much as he did--they were quite a pair, both striving to make the other one feel good, but selfish enough to make sure they each got off.

Holding on to the head rest she moved up and down on his cock; his hands were grabbing her ass pushing her deeper and deeper.

"Fuck you're going to make me cum," he said.

Sitting on him allowed her to ensure his penis went exactly where she wanted it to go; the place no vibrator could reach.  She grinded him back and forth; slowly, barely needing to move--her muscles gripping tightly on to his cock and doing all of the work.

He was moaning her name, telling her with dirty detail exactly what he was going to do to her; that she had been a bad girl by taking him by surprise, and that he would later spank her to make her learn her lesson. This got both of them even hotter; and with the windows completely fogged up, the stirring wheel jammed against her ass; his teeth biting into her wanting neck; they came.

Great start to the weekend

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