Orgasm During a Workout?

Although you may be familiar with the phenomenon known as “Runner’s High” (i.e., strenuous exercise resulting in an extreme rush of endorphins), it's safe to bet “Exercised-Induced Orgasms” (EIOs) are unchartered territory.

EIOs are defined as “the experience of an orgasm that occurs during physical exercise” and, until recently, were thought to be old wives tales or figments of people’s imaginations.

However, within the last few years, two prominent researchers at the Center for Sexual Health Promotion at Indiana University, Dr. Debbie Herbenick and Dr. Dennis Fortenberry (1), began to look into people’s experiences with sexual arousal and orgasm resulting from physical exercise.

After some extensive data collection here is what they found.

Although women are more likely than men to experience EIOs
Men also report experiencing arousal and orgasms while engaging in physical exercise. However, to date, the only published data has focused exclusively on women.

Many activities can bring on experiences of EIOs

including: climbing poles or ropes, weight lifting, running, stretching, yoga, aerobics, swimming, chin-ups, pull-ups, dance, etc. However, EIOs are most commonly a result of abdominal exercises (i.e. a coregasm).

It appears EIOs are fairly uncommon and infrequent
Although some data has been collected, researchers do not have exact estimate of how common EIOs are. However, in a sample of 370 women who reported experiencing an EIO at some point in their lives, a sizeable minority indicated that they experienced EIOs on a regular basis.

Despite the advances in research assessing EIO, more work is needed. It should also be mentionned not all women indicated that EIOs were pleasant experiences. In fact, many women reported feeling embarrassed after experiencing an EIO.

Word of advice to all the women out there: do not hit the gym today with the goal of climaxing, it most likely will not happen.

Furthermore, even if it did happen, you might not enjoy the experience. Think of it this way: some women are able to achieve orgasm through oral sex, others achieve orgasm through self-stimulation, and some do not achieve orgasm at all. This is likely the case for EIOs as well, all women are different and experience pleasure in different ways.

Here are seven health benefits to having an orgasm. (via Third Age Media)

(1) Herbenick, D., & Fortenberry, J. D. (2011). Exercise-induced orgasm and pleasure among women. Sexual and Relationship Therapy, 26, 373-388

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