Questions To Ask Before Buying First Sex Toy

Whether you’re about to purchase your first toy or you’ve got a packed pleasure trunk you should ask yourself a few simple questions to insure you purchase the perfect toy.

Some Questions to Ask Yourself

  1. Is this toy just for you or do you intend to share it with a partner?
  2. Do you want something romantic, sensual, or highly erotic?
  3. How much do you want to spend?
  4. Is quality important to you?
  5. What kind of sex toy material do you prefer?

How to Buy Sensual Products

If you’re purchasing a vibrator, dildo, or anal toy

  1. Do you want something that vibrates or not? If so, how powerful do you want it?
  2. Do you want an internal, external, or combination toy?
  3. What do you want the toy to do for you?
  4. What size, shape, and colour do you prefer?
  5. Do you want something smooth or with texture?
  6. Do you want it to resemble a penis or not?
  7. Do you want it to look like a sex toy or be more discrete?
  8. What density or stiffness do you like?
  9. What sex toy material do you prefer?
  10. How important is the ease of cleaning and maintenance of your toy?
  11. How much do you want to spend?
  12. Is quality important to you?

Watch this video where Annabelle discusses the top 10 things you should definitely NOT do with your sex toys. (via LovehoneyTV)

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