Say "Yes Please" to Quickie Sex

Much of what we are learning today about sex is focused on helping us to prolong and intensify our lovemaking sessions. Sounds excellent on paper, but the reality is that with life in the fast lane as most of us experience it, fast-food sex is probably what we’re likely to get on a regular basis.

Let’s be honest, in a normal week, how many of us really have the time to roll out the rose petals, scented candles and fragrant oils? We’re likely to reserve these things for special events, as we seek to grab our sex quota between the waking baby, complaining teenager and our morning coffee (sounds familiar?).

Which brings us to the inevitable quickie; with so much emphasis on long, leisurely lovemaking, do we even know how to make quick hay while the sun shines? Even though many women are wary of this idea maybe there is a way to benefit from speedy sex which can still give new meaning to the phrase "you leave me breathless.”

Follow these tips to learn how to master the quickie.

Train Your Brain
Getting the most out of a quickie means virtually having a ready frame of mind for sex; most of the time. While for many husbands quick readiness may be a fait accompli, for most wives, it may take a literal retraining of our brains.

Even though most women need time to be aroused, there is no need to become stuck in slow-response mode. Since sexual readiness and enjoyment literally begin in the brain, then it makes loads of sense to deliberately think sexual thoughts. Use your imagination to fantasize and think up some steamy scenes with your spouse.

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Imagine doing all those things you love to do or haven’t had a chance to try. This is like putting extra storage in your arousal bank, which makes it easier for you to enter the sex act with minimum "on-site" preparation because your sex-bank has already been in over-drive.

Feel Sexy
With quick sex there really is no time to whip out the sexy lingerie and those red heels with the fish net stockings in tow. Your hair may be a mess and there may have been no time to get all dolled up.

So what do you do? Your ability to feel like a sex goddess has to come from within and must not be too dependent on the externals.

Understand that your sexual power lies in how liberated and free of inhibitions you are and this starts with how you feel about yourself. Loving yourself au naturel is therefore critical to your ability to lay on the sexiness when you’re not all coiffed and curled like a model. Celebrating your body in spite of its imperfections is a good way to get rid of the body consciousness that could inhibit your enjoyment of the quickie.

Work Hard Play Hard
The power of the quickie is in its spontaneity and surprise. This can be heightened by what you individually try to get out of each session. Whether you’re trying to reach a climax before the baby wakes or before the steak comes out the oven, a quickie is a great exercise in the power of concentration.

If you want to play hard at sex in record time, then it will involve every enthusiastic fibre of your being; no holds barred! But even if your husband zips off before you reach the mountain top, you can still enjoy it for what it was worth; a time to have some uninhibited fun and to get closer.

Knowing that time is limited should also encourage your spouse to be more creative in how he uses his skills to bring maximum pleasure in record time.

More importantly, quickies should remind us women that our sexual enjoyment is really within our own power, as we too have to demonstrate that we understand how our own bodies work.

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