Set a Spark with a Sensual Game

Sensual games are wonderful relationship tools to discover more about you and your partner.

A sex game can provide hours of erotic entertainment and titillating adventure.

Most sex games are quite cheesy although there are a few on the market that are great.



  • Great if you are wanting to role-play sexual scenarios with your partner
  • 3 levels: 'Mmm,' 'Ooh,' and 'Aah' allow you to spice things up a little at a time


  • Most of the role-plays are too long to read and 'act' out
  • Only 90 role-play cards

Overall Rating: 3/5


Embrace: The Ultimate Sex Game


  • Can be played on 3 levels: Romantic, Sexual Intimacy, & Hot Sex
  • Players can create over 100,000 Truth or Dares to suit their desires


  • Can be quite emotionally intimate, so if you (or your partner) aren't prepared to discuss sex, this game might not be for you
  • Quality of the feather tickler and blindfold/restraint could be better

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

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