Sex it Up with Lickable Chocolate

Everyone loves eating chocolate... especially off a partner's naked body.

These chocolate sauces have to be warmed up and then applied to any body part imaginable. Most come with a paint brush which can be used to draw hearts or dirty pictures on your partner or inscribe sayings like 'I Love You.'

Couples could always apply the chocolate with their fingers or lips if they are looking to get a little dirty.

There are many different types of edible chocolate sauces on the market so it is best to know the good from the bad. Most are made from Belgian chocolate, but the quality can vary.

Belgian Chocolate Sauce (Available in female or male body)


  • Comes in a beautiful, artistic bottle
  • Great tasting Belgian chocolate


  • Chocolate seems to be a little chunky when heated
  • Sauce can be too thick for finely detailed painting

Overall Rating: 3/5


Fun Factory's Colore Moi Chocolate Kissable Body Paint


  • Vibrant colors (available in 8 different flavors including strawberry and banana)
  • Natural aromas and stimulating sensations that add excitement to partner play


  • Somewhat expensive (only comes in a 40ml tube)
  • Doesn't come with a paintbrush applicator

Overall Rating: 4/5


Begian Chocolate Sauce image source. Fun Factory Colore Moi image source.

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