Sexually Compatible Mini-Quiz

Take this mini-quiz to find out how compatible you are in the bedroom.

Do you enjoy and/ or have orgasms when you have sex?
(a) Always  (b) Sometimes  (c) Never

Do you spend as much time on foreplay as the main event?
(a) Always  (b) Sometimes  (c) Never

Are you and your partner both happy with the amount of sex you have?
(a) Always  (b) Sometimes  (c) Never

Do you and your partner want sex at the same time?
(a) Always  (b) Sometimes  (c) Never

Do you keep your sex life fresh by trying new things?
(a) Always  (b) Sometimes  (c) Never

If you answered mostly:
(a) Then you and your partner enjoy great sexual compatibility
(b) Then things are pretty good but there is room for improvement
(c) Then you need to give some serious thought to things in the bedroom

Here are five tips to keep you and your partner in sexual harmony.
Use fantasy chat
Bedroom chat helps your partner know what turns you on and can be anything from very gentle to very racy to. Take turns discussing fantasies to find out what you both enjoy.

If you're shy
If you feel shy use your behavior to encourage the things that feel good to you. Take your partner's hand and place it where you want to be touched--then keep your hand on top of theirs and subtly show them how to move their hand.

Listen to your partner's sex sounds
Listen to your partner's sex sounds as a guide to what they are enjoying. Too frequently we tune out our partner out; pleasurable noises will tell you when they enjoy what you're doing so you can do more of it.

How do YOU like being asked to do something?
Always put yourself in your partner's shoes before you suggest something new. If the tables were turned and they were making suggestions to you, how would you like them to do it? Thinking in this way will make sure you don't hurt their feelings or put their nose out of joint.

Make small sex changes
Big changes in your sex life can seem daunting so make small ones. Occasionally change the time of day that you have sex (i.e. from morning to night); change the place you have sex (i.e. from y our bed to the sofa) or shift into a slightly different sex position.

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