She Wants to Stop Faking Orgasm

I’ve been faking orgasms and I don’t know how to stop. Do I just tell him? How do I tell him?

Studies show that about 55% of women occasionally fake orgasm, while 75% of women fake it at least once in their life. Most of the faking happens, I believe, because we put far too much pressure on ourselves to perform in bed.

Not only do our bedroom antics stop us from having great sex, we also lose touch with our erogenous zones and eventually disconnect from our sexuality. So yes, no matter how awkward this conversation is going to be, you have to tell him. Today. Most guys will take this personally and become upset.

If he’s not great in bed, break it to him gently. Believe it or not, most guys don’t know much about a woman’s erogenous zones. Then you need to tell him what you like.

If you can’t tell him, show him. Guide his hands over your hot spots and teach him exactly what makes you purr (fun!) Stop faking, stop focusing on having orgasms, and just enjoy the pleasurable sensations your body is feeling. You’ll orgasm a whole lot easier that way.

Great Sex Tip With orgasm, a woman will experience contractions every 0.8th of a second which can be felt in her vaginal canal and rectum. A woman’s orgasm typically lasts between thirteen to fifty-one seconds.

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