The Business Of Sex Speaker Agency

The BOS Speaker Agency puts your product directly into mainstream hands.

Tradeshows, conferences and universities are one of your most cost effective ways to have that all important one-on-one dialogue with thousands of potential customers. BOS helps your product stand out by finding the best spokesperson/ speaker to work at these events on your behalf.

The BOS Speaker Agency is your one-stop shop to create a buzz and build your brand. Our staff will do all the leg work from finding the right speaker, locating the perfect event(s), booking local media opportunities, setting up your display table/ booth, staffing the event, tearing down and final data analysis.

Know Your Audience And Choose Their Preferred Speaker
The BOS Agency analyzes you’re product’s demographic and physcographics to clearly define who is your target market niche. Based on your product’s niche, the BOS agency finds the most suitable speakers. A verteran speaker will attract, captivate and entertain sizeable crowds—whether on stage, at your display table or on a local media tour.

There are a spectrum of experts who talk on a range of relationship and sexual health topics. Each speaker’s unique message will resonate with a certain demographic. It’s our agency’s job to pair the right speaker with your product’s audience.

For example: The type of speaker needed to teach college students sex ed will be differnt then a speaker talking at a women’s conference to a mature crowd.

It's up to you whether you want to interview the potential speakers or if simply want BOS Agency to choose on your behalf.

Go To Where Your Clients Congregate
Once you choose a speaker, we then search our database of events and venues with those clientelle who most align with your message and, therefore, be interested in your product. There are thousands of conferences, tradeshows and university conferences who are happy to have a relationship and/ or sexual health expert speak.

BOS then takes that speaker’s media kit and credentials to those conference, tradeshow and/ or university and organizers all the logistics of having the speaker, your product alongside a display table and/ or booth at their event.

Promoting Your Product Before, During And After Event
On your behalf, we negotiate to have your product acknowledged and shown at every possible opportunity. The speaker, the event assistant and show staff will be well versed in your product and will be contractually obigated to promote it before, during and after their talk. Alongside, a tradeshow booth or back of the room table will be set up for people to try your product and to have their questions answered.

After their seminar talk, the speaker will invite the group to the back of the room or to your tradeshow booth to look at and, if possible, try your product. That speaker, the assistance and staff are there to answer questions and help with any purchase decision.

A Media Tour?
To increase the hype and momentum for your product, the BOS Agency can put together a media tour which piggy-backs on the local event. We will pitch local media outlets with topical and interesting ideas that relate to your field.  The speaker, who is also well versed in doing media interviews, will do a media tour on your behalf.

Customized Talks For Each Event
Depending on your demographic and venue, we customize each talk to suit the event. For example, some conferences want a break out session 20 minute chat; others want an hour workshop. We make sure to customizing the message to suit your audience.

What If You Are The Best Spokesperson For Your Company?
Sometimes the best person to promote your product is you or someone already within your company. In that case, the BOS Speaker Agency can create a media kit and credentials to promote you to events and local media. We do all the work to make it easy for you to show up and do your thing.

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Trina Read
Trina Read is the founder of and Eat Drink Love and CBC radio Relationship Expert. She is a leading relationship and sexual health expert and educator; and  is a best selling author, media expert, syndicated blogger, international speaker, magazine columnist, and spokeswoman. Follow her on Twitter and Facebook.
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