The Delicious Torment: An Erotic Excerpt

Excerpt from Chapter 1: Love Me Two Times

I came in the night.

This had happened to me before, but not often. Wet dreams are more rare for women, I think, than for men. But I came. Hard. Picturing Jack using a cane on me, my body bent, knees under my stomach, ass up to receive each blow. The climax was exquisite, and I was covered with a thin sheen of sweat when Jack shook me awake.

“What was that?”

I responded with a sound between a moan and a sigh, lost in my dream.

“You were moaning,” he said, and I could hear the dark suspicion in his voice, but he couldn’t possibly think I’d made myself come. My wrists were chained over my head, and I was wearing a chastity belt.

“Dreaming,” I whispered, feeling sad as the last wisps faded away.

The light flared on, and I heard Jack reaching for the keys. In seconds, I was undone, the cuffs off, the belt off, and Jack’s warm fingers had spread apart my nether lips, feeling for the wetness I knew would prove my guilt.

“You came—” he insisted. “In your sleep. I know the sounds you make when you climax, Sam. Do you think I’m stupid?”

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It was four in the morning. Yet Jack was completely awake. “No, Sir.”

“What were you dreaming? Tell me quickly, before you can think of some fancy story.”

I sighed and looked away, and Jack gripped my chin and forced me to face him.

“That you were punishing me—”


“With your cane…”

“And did I touch you?” The look on his face was intense.

“No, Jack.”

“You came from the pain alone?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“You’re not lying to me, are you?” he asked, letting me loose and then leaning back against the pillows, contemplative. He was at ease now. A change had taken place, but I didn’t know why.

“No, Sir.”

“Describe the dream.”

I huddled under the blankets, arms wrapped around my legs, and I tried to remember all the details. “I was wearing a thin white nightgown.”

“Do you own one like it?”

I shook my head.

“Anything like it?”

“A sundress.”

“Go get it.”

I stumbled from the bed and opened the closet, then pulled a semi-sheer sundress from the rack. I slid the gown over my head, and Jack nodded his approval.

“Continue,” he said.

“You told me to get into position.”

“What position?”

“Knees bent under me, hands in front of me on the mattress, ass up in the air.”

“Show me.”

I looked at him, and he moved off the bed, slipping into the black pajama bottoms he’d tossed onto the floor.

Jack often started the night wearing the pants, but kicked them off during sleep.

More nervous than ever, I pushed aside the comforter and assumed the position on the mattress.

“What happened next?”

“You lifted my nightgown, so you could see my ass…”

“Why was I punishing you?"

“I—I don’t know.”

“Tell me,” Jack insisted. “I think you know where we’re headed. You don’t want to make things worse on yourself.”

So I told him. Cast him in the role of headmaster. Explained how I felt when he slowly dragged the fabric up my naked skin, when he revealed my lack of underclothes, when he started to cane me in front of an audience.

“And that made you come,” Jack said softly, “that vision.”

“Yes, Jack. Yes, Sir.”

Jack walked to his cabinet and while my heart started to race, he removed one of his whippet-thin canes.  Jack dragged the dress up, showing off my naked skin. He pressed the cane firmly against me, so I could feel the coolness of the implement, imagine how hot those stripes would be in mere moments.

“How many times did I cane you? How many times before you came?”

It was a dream, I wanted to cry out. A dream, Jack! How the fuck do I know?


“I don’t know, Jack. I just came.”

“We’ll find out for ourselves then, won’t we?”

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The Delicious Torment: A Story of Submission
“I believe you can fall in love six times before breakfast—that is, if you’re looking.” The Delicious Torment: A Story of Submission takes the glitz and glamour of Hollywood and whips it into a story for all erotic lovers to enjoy. Samantha is back and bound for glory, showing the stars of Tinsel-town who really has what it takes to make people scream. Our submissive heroine binds herself to an affair with one of Hollywood’s elite, and throws herself into a world of pure eroticism. The second in Alison Tyler’s climactic series, it’s a journey that will exquisitely torment you until the finish.

Alison Tyler has made being naughty a full-time job. Her sultry short stories appear in more than 100 anthologies, and she is a prolific editor of bestselling erotic anthologies like The Big Book of Bondage, Sudden Sex, and Down and Dirty. In all things important, she remains faithful to her husband of 15 years, but she still can’t choose just one perfume. Find her at and

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