The Spin Cycle: An Erotic Story

Every day is work. Every day is the struggle. Get things done, do this, do that. Pay the bills, feed the kids, clean up. Do the laundry, do the dishes, do that everything. When do I ever get time for myself.

Okay, I'm in a bit of a mood. Well, two moods. I'm crabby because I haven't had a spare moment in, what seems like, forever. And because I haven't had a spare moment, I haven't gotten off in forever. Not even a quick little touch of my clit. Nothing. And it is driving me crazy.

But just now I am realizing. The kids are at the park. I'm alone here in the laundry room. Sure there is a tonne of stuff to do, but that can wait. That can fucking wait! I am alone and I want to cum!

I consider running off to the bedroom to grab my favourite vibrator, but instead wonder: Is it true that a washing machine can be a girl's best friend?

I slip back into chore mode and load the washer as quickly as I can. I consider throwing the clothes I've got on it as well, but that wouldn't be smart, in case the kids suddenly come home. But I do strip them off, taking a moment to run my hands up and down my tender skin. This is so exciting!

I turn it on and hear it begin to fill up. I put a load of whites in to ensure it will be nice and warm. Jumping up, the metal is still cool at this point, but my skin warms quickly. As the machine fills up with water, I reach down to my cunt to find it is already very wet. And once my finger is there, I can't take it away. All of these weeks of built up frustration are coming out now! Fast and furious I work my clit, no self-seduction here. I want to come, now.

And when I do, it is amazing! Such a release! I lean back against the wall, one foot resting on the dryer the other stiff and spread out in the air. Pulse after pulse, wave after wave of orgasm rocks my body. I ride them all, still going at it. I have this time to myself and I am going to take advantage of it and me!

After my third climax, my body begs for a little break. Steam from the washer rises up, mixing with the light coating of sweat that covers me. My pussy is completely soaked and just a little bit sore. Maybe I was a bit too vigorous.

But then it kicks in. Just as I try to rest, the washer starts its spin cycle.

The build is slow at first, but the vibration is evident. And getting stronger. As it builds, my need for one more becomes too much and my fingers find my clit once again. The machine and I both find our peak rhythm, full power on! The washer rocks me and I close my eyes and throw my head back. This is amazing and intense. I don't know that I can hand it!

In an attempt to slow it down I lean forward and take my hand away. I try to rest by leaning forward to the dryer but that won't do it! This rests my clit squarely on the vibrating washer and instead of a break I get a massive orgasm! I can barely keep myself on the machine as bolts of pleasure shoot through all parts of my body. I feel like I'm electric, an extension of the massive swirl happening right underneath my ass!

And then it stops. Abruptly. Just as I sit there, in a pool of my own cum, panting. It takes a moment for my eyes to even focus. That was amazing.

And I really need to install a lock on the laundry room door.

About The Author

Jon pressick3
Jon Pressick

Jon Pressick is a sexual gadabout. Sometimes he’s journalism and smut on his blog Sex In Words. Sometimes he’s cohosting and producing his radio show Sex City. Sometimes he’s hosting the Toronto Erotica Writers and Readers Meetup. Sometimes he’s performing as Mr. Ease. Sometimes he’s speaking at conferences. Sometimes he’s facilitating sex workshops. And sometimes he’s not thinking about sex at all. But those few minutes usually pass pretty quickly. You can find Jon at his blog or on Twitter


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