What Is "Amy Finds Her Sex" About?

What Is My Book, Amy Finds Her Sex About?

The Short Answer
Amy Finds Her Sex is a fiction, self-help book written around four women taking a university course on sex. Each woman is at a different age and stage of her life, unhappy with her sex life and wants to do something about it. Each is faced with the daunting task asking for something different to happen, and proactively putting her sexual needs first. When she does there is backlash.

Each woman needs to decide whether her sexual needs are important enough to push through her challenges so she can experience an amazing and fulfilling sex life.


The Longer Answer
There’s a lot I want to say about what this book is about—and more will be revealed in future blogs. The best place to start is with describing the four characters and why they decide to join a university course on sex.

Claire is 29 years old and single. She believes she is missing out on having great sex, because right now sex is just “meh”. Claire seems perfect to the outside world; she’s beautiful, intelligent, ambitious, and has an amazing boyfriend. Ironically (or not), Claire’s sex life is a mess. Part of the reason is she is too busy living into what society’s believes is a perfect woman.
She wants to be free and open with her sexuality; especially since she has found a potential life partner.

Claire joins the university course because she’s afraid of losing her boyfriend and that her sex life will never get better.

Amy is 32 years old, single and loves (!) sex—but she can't keep a relationship. She meets a nice guy who checks off most of the what-I-want-in-a-relationship boxes; but just as she becomes vulnerable, he ghosts her. It makes her shut down and go back to her hook-up habits. (Author’s note: Amy has A LOT of sex scenes...she has been so fun to write.) She doesn’t believe she needs help because she’s already so dialed into sex-positivity.

Amy takes the university course to support her best friend Claire.

Isabella is a 35 year old married, mother of two with a part-time job as a sex columnist. She is a classic case of having an amazing sex life that turned blah over the years. The thing is she and her husband really love each other and want to have a good sex life. Theoretically, she understands that with each kid their sex life dwindled and now they are trying to re-sync their sexuality; but actually making it happen has been incredibly difficult. She is frustrated and ashamed because as a sex columnist, shouldn’t she have all the answers?

Isabella takes the university course to write about in her sex column (and secretly to help her marriage).

Jeanette is a 52 year old married housewife. (Don’t let the “housewife” title fool you, she’s a ball buster.) She dedicated her life to her family, and now her kids have left home. She and her husband haven’t had sex for over a year and he believes she is frigid. They have had many fights over the lack of her sexual desire and their relationship is in a lot of trouble. She is going through peri-menopause and feels deeply ashamed of her lackluster sexuality. Both she and her husband believe deeply in the sanctity of marriage.

Jeanette’s husband signs her up for the sex course and gives her an ultimatum that if she doesn’t fix her sex, he’s leaving her.

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