Why Men Love Women's Breasts

I am a huge fan of fondling breasts and have often wondered why I am so fascinated with them. Do you have any idea why men like to stroke the ladies boobies?

Golly, fascinated with breasts?

I’ve never heard of such perversion! Excuse me but have you ever asked any of your buddies if they’ve got a thing for boobs too? I’d guess that pretty well every one of your straight guy friends (and most of your gay friends too) would tell you they love the boobies. There are plenty of reasons guys like breasts.

Nipples are directly connected to a woman’s genital nervous system.

In fact, women can have breast orgasms. In one study of 213 women, 29% had experienced boob bliss at one time or another.

But  the main reason you (and most other dudes) like breasts is because in Westernized cultures, boobs are sexualized. That is, in our society women must cover their breasts in public because they are seen as a sexual body part. In many cultures, breasts are not sexualized. Mammary glands are seen strictly as a biological tool to feed babies essential nutrients they need to survive.

Now if you were to tell me you were obsessed with boobs, that you had to fondle them or you wouldn’t be able to get off, my diagnosis would be that you’ve got a breast fetish.

However you sound about as normal as any other guy out there who enjoys giving a girl’s boobs a rub down.

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