Why Men Visit Prostitutes

To date, most research on prostitution has focused on describing and understanding those who are selling sex.

But what do we know about the buyers?

Check out the infographic below to learn how many men say they've visited a prostitute before, what types of sexual activities they engaged in, and some of the reasons they bought sex.




About The Author

Justin lehmiller
Dr. Justin J. Lehmiller
Dr. Justin J. Lehmiller is a social psychologist, relationship researcher, and sex columnist living and working in Boston, Massachusetts. He has published over 20 scholarly works, including articles in some of the leading scientific journals on sex and relationships. His research has been featured prominently in numerous media outlets, including Psychology Today, The Globe and Mail, Men’s Health, The Sunday Times, and the National Geographic Channel. Dr. Lehmiller writes a column entitled Lusting, Loving, and Leaving on the Science of Relationships website, as well as a sexuality and relationships blog at Lehmiller.com, follow him on Twitter and Facebook.
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