Woman Has Large Vagina

I am a woman who is very large vaginally. My husband is not small, but certainly not as large as I need and like. He enjoys and gets very excited pleasuring me with very large "toys" but I would like him to feel more when he is inside me himself

Is there some product that I could insert vaginally that would make me smaller and give him more feeling? During this, I would be happy with just the pressure, not needing to feel the actual rubbing. I just like him on top of me. Any suggestions?

I completely understand your desire to have more feeling when your husband is inside of you. For many women one of the major pleasures of intercourse is the feeling of being ‘filled up” during penetration. Although toys can create part of the enjoyment of penetration they cannot create the all-encompassing sensations of being filled internally by his penis and enveloped externally when he is on top of you.

Here are two ideas some women declare are their best non-surgical, non-exercise procedures for ‘tightening' their vaginal vault.

Change Positions so the Angle of Entry is Tighter
As one woman said, "For heavens sake don't always use the same position you can make yourself tighter just by shifting a leg.” Some will choose a position that will have a more curved entry angle.

  • Positions favored are those where:
  • She is on top, leaning forward or backward
  • Side by side with her leg over his hip
  • Spooning with entering from behind
  • Raise your torso as with pillows when he is on top

Using An Anal Toy
For some women using an anal toy--a.k.a. butt plug or anal beads--is one of the most effective methods to tighten the vaginal entry and vault to enhance the pressure sensation experienced during intercourse.

The reason this works is an inserted anal toy lifts up the thin membrane between the vagina and the rectum in essence raising the floor of the bottom of the vagina, which will result in more sensation for both you and your husband. Choose a properly designed anal toy. One with a flange, (widened base) so it cannot slip inside and a thinned neck so the two anal sphincters can comfortably hold it in place.

Some couples have found a vibrating anal toy greatly enhanced their sensation. Anal beads can do the same thing and provide more texture for the man during thrusting. Use lots of water based lubricant to ease insertion of an anal toy, as there is no natural lubrication in that area.

And once you are satisfied with your play merely wash your toy with hot soapy water and let dry. If you use an oil-based product on a plastic latex toy you run the risk of having the toy become tacky to touch.

Best not to use the so-called ‘tightening/shrinking' creams. These are often a topically applied alum based sometimes-gritty product that is supposed to shrink the vulvar and vaginal tissue by desiccation (drying it out). And given that moisture/lubrication is a factor that eases and enhances intercourse dryness is rarely your friend when it comes to pleasurable penetration.

As each man's penis is unique in its size so is each woman's vagina unique in its size. There are some women who are just naturally large some naturally small; and FYI virginity is not an indicator of vaginal tightness despite that common misconception.

The number one event that can impact vaginal tissue tone is pregnancy and vaginal delivery especially that of prolonged labor with large babies.

The other two options women pursue to tighten and tone their vaginal entry size are:

  1. Exercising their Pubococcygeus (PC) muscle with regular contraction exercises often with insertable toys to increase resistance and,
  2. Surgical operations on the pelvic floor.

While one option can be done at the privacy of your desk; the other is a surgical/laser tissue cutting procedure that while it may deliver cosmetically pleasing results often comes with unexpected negative nerve and sensation impact.

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