Would You Date a Bisexual?


Would you be comfortable dating a bisexual?

Would you be worried that they would leave you for a same-sex individual (if you date an opposite sex person normally?) Would you care? Would you be jealous of their same-sex friends? Would you think this was a great way to access a threesome?

This is some cool home-grown research being done by Heather Armstrong at the University of Ottawa. Here are some Coles Notes findings regarding people’s perceptions of dating a bisexual in a casual, dating, or committed relationships:

For men dating a bisexual woman

  • Men feel moderate pressure to show that a man can be a sexually satisfying partner compared to a women--regardless of relationships type
  • Men show moderate levels of worry that they cannot fulfill all of their partner’s sexual needs
  • Men aren’t very jealous in general but are more jealous about their female partner’s male friends versus her female friends

For women dating a bisexual man

  • Women are more likely to worry that their partner is really gay (a common myth about bisexuality in general)
  • Women are more jealous in general (*sigh*) and feel more jealous about their male partner’s male friends versus his female friends
  • Women are more worried that their partner would cheat on them or leave them for a same-sex partner

And what about those threesomes?

Bisexual Woman + Male Partner + random female = Men find the idea or fantasy of having a threesome with two women arousing and are likely to participate if given the opportunity.

But even though men want to have a threesome, they don’t expect to. AND wanting and expecting a threesome and the importance of said threesome decline as the relationship level becomes more involved.

Bisexual Man + Female Partner + random male = Women do not want to have a threesome with their partner and another man and they worry that their male partner might want to have a threesome with her and another man.

Perhaps this information helps you determine if dating a bisexual is for you.


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