Your Top Ten Couple List

Almost every busy couple wishes they could add some romantic zip into their love life. Problem is, it can be difficult to discuss new ideas with our partner. Here's an easy solution.

Each of you write a list of ten activities you would like to enjoy as a couple.

Here are some ideas you might want to put on the list:

  • Take a nap together
  • Learn how to do couples massage
  • Go on a spontaneous road trip together
  • Write one another a love letter
  • Walk the beach under the stars
  • Take a bubble bath
  • Cook a fun meal together
  • Fly a kite together
  • Visit a piano bar
  • Watch an entire television series together
  • Ride in a hot air balloon, Read a book together
  • Dress up for Halloween in themed costumes
  • Build a fort

Exchange your lists once they are complete. Read them together and discuss a few ways you can make these ideas a reality--given that you both have jam packed schedules.

As a fun reminder make sure to post this list where both of you can see it everyday. Best of all, every once in a while choose something off your partner's list and ‘surprise’ them.

And ladies, don’t be put off if his list is only about sex related activities. Men need to have the physicality of sex before they feel comfortable enough showing their emotional and romantic sides.

Chances are if you go along with his list, he'll go along with your romance filled list. And that will give good relationship balance.

The anticipation of knowing what lies ahead will enhance both your experiences.


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